Posted by Darknaruto31 on 2012-06-02 02:03:28

I'm playing saints row 2 and I can't find La fuerza where it should be in the trailer area so where should I go find it?

Darknaruto31, 2012-06-02T02:03:28Z

La Fuerza
  • (day:0.50%night:0.50%) Arena
  • (day:0.20%night:0.15%) Barrio
  • (day:0.30%night:0.30%) Factory
  • (day:0.30%night:0.10%) Docks
  • (day:0.25%night:0.15%) Projects
  • (day:0.20%night:0.20%) Red Light
  • (day:0.25%night:0.20%) Trailer Park
Hope this helps.
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