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Posted by DBD Abyss on 2012-04-14 22:09:56

i need some help finishing the activity achievements in saints row the third if anyone can help me message KSI xLongShotz but if you're going to be an asshole you can go fuck your mum

DBD Abyss, 2012-04-14T22:09:56Z

What Activities specifically are you having trouble with? Can't say I found any to be that difficult.
Moozipan Cheese, 2012-04-14T23:07:46Z
it's mainly insurance fraud when it requires $450,000 and mainly when they get to when it requires over $400,000 cash and the trail blazing i always run out of time i need a better driver
DBD Abyss, 2012-04-14T23:11:26Z
I take it you never did Insurance Fraud in Saints Row 2? Now that was infuriating! I was glad that they pretty much fixed the "empty roads" problem for SR:TT. Anyway, have you tried driving up onto the highway (if you're doing it in the Downtown district)? People who struggle have had some luck there, although I can't say I ever had a problem with Insurance Fraud. I'd actually go so far as to say it was one of the better Activities - you do need a lot of luck sometimes though. Keep at it!
As for Trail Blazing, strangely I never had trouble with it during my first play through, but I did during my second. Just keep an eye out for shortcuts and go for running over pedestrians rather than destroying vehicles.
Rather generic hints, I know. But good luck!
Moozipan Cheese, 2012-04-14T23:29:23Z
i took your advice for insurance fraud and got it first time I LOVE YOU MAN
DBD Abyss, 2012-04-15T17:11:00Z
i took every bit of your advice i fucking love you man but the achievement didn't pop is there a glitch in the game because this is the 3rd time it's not popped
DBD Abyss, 2012-04-15T19:16:46Z
Good to hear, and I'm glad I could help! Sorry you didn't get your Achievement. I heard a few story-related Achievements were glitched originally but they were patched a while ago.
Moozipan Cheese, 2012-04-16T23:58:44Z
i checked the actual achievement page after and it had unlocked just not appeared after i did insurance fraud i spent the rest of my time doing every other activity and got every single one on my first try (awesomeness) and now i'm stuck on 34/34 assassinations with no more unlocking
DBD Abyss, 2012-04-17T06:00:28Z
Yeah, the last two Assassinations don't unlock until after a certain mission. Can't remember which one.
Moozipan Cheese, 2012-04-18T19:48:28Z
oh ok i thought i did them in wrong order or something on the save i redid the assassinations on (because i already took over espina so i couldn't do andre) i have 34/34 and none are unlocking anymore and i'm on the stop all the downloading mission.
when's 100 things we hate about black ops gonna be released?
Crunchbite, 2012-04-18T19:52:37Z
My rough WordPad file I made back in December (that I used to make notes as I played through the game a second time) says the last two Assassinations unlock after completing "Air Steelport". It needs verification though.
Also, probably never. Lost a lot of progress when my laptop broke back in August/September (can't remember exactly when) last year and it's not something I feel motivated to return to. Also, the whinging Call of Duty/Battlefield communities are too much for me nowadays and I would rather distance myself from them. Sorry!
Moozipan Cheese, 2012-04-18T20:06:56Z
i'm on air steelport mission now it's the one with the falling tank right? if so then that achievement is mine
DBD Abyss, 2012-04-20T21:25:30Z
Should be. If you could verify that that's when the last two Assassinations unlock, it would be most helpful!
Moozipan Cheese, 2012-04-20T22:33:39Z
the last 2 assassinations are unlocked after zombie attack and are both by burt reynolds i just finished them both i have another achievement to add to the list on my profile
DBD Abyss, 2012-04-20T22:35:54Z
Ah, okay, thanks. I had a feeling I was wrong. Good to know though. Thanks for the confirmation (and well done on the Achievement).
Moozipan Cheese, 2012-04-20T22:40:18Z
i have 2 normal to get complete all challenges and love/hate relationship, then the Genkibowl VII achievements since i don't have it yet
DBD Abyss, 2012-04-20T22:41:59Z
what console u own, i can probably help u
RussianEngineer, 2012-04-15T14:40:50Z
XBOX 360
DBD Abyss, 2012-04-15T17:10:34Z

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