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Posted by Conzi2008 on 2010-08-06 09:01:38

Door or not

Door or not

Alright, so I came across the Image as Designed, whilst having a shootout with the Police in Saints Row, Mission Beach. I ran into the Plastic Surgery shop looking for cover, when I noticed that I could only open one of the doors to get into the building, so I did so and waited until my Cop notoriety ran out, and had a walk to the doors. To my surprise there was only one door showing on the inside, and the second door was actually a window. The picture basically says it all.

Conzi2008, 2010-08-06T09:01:38Z

Yep, it is really weird. Must be a mistake by the developers, or was it intentional? Who knows.
Master Sima Yi, 2010-08-17T08:16:55Z
The openable door is a portal to a different universe.
Spedster777, 2010-08-25T04:05:21Z
Haha, nice find.
452, 2011-04-08T21:31:11Z
They do it a few other times in the game, the tidal spring safehouse has a wall inside and floor to ceiling windows outside., 2012-06-09T14:42:32Z

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