Posted by Conzi2008 on 2010-08-06 07:01:05

I am a Playstation 3 owner, so I never got the chance to play Saints Row 1, which I am still hoping they might port to the Playstation one day. Anyway, as I never got a chance to play Saints Row, this Wiki basically gave me all the storyline, nice and simple, so that I knew what the plot of Saints Row 2 was all about. Come on Volition, port Saints Row to the Playstation 3, like originally planned, as it isn't really fair, releasing Saints Row 2 and Saints Row 3 without knowing properly what happened on the first Saints Row.

Conzi2008, 2010-08-06T07:01:05Z

I am a PlayStation 3 owner too and I only got the chance to play about the first three missions at a friend's house. However, a lot of people posted videos on YouTube focussing on the missions. By watching those, I created almost all of the 3rd Street Saints article.
Master Sima Yi, 2010-08-17T08:18:46Z

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