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Posted by Cobra9597 on 2011-12-09 22:21:18

These are original threads on the SaintsRow Forums . Ok, I know it's been mentioned already but fix the damn bridges. I know they're used for stunt jumps, but what's so hard about making them go down after completion?

Oh, and what's up with all the amazing train track layout but no working trains? Wow, GTA1 had working trains.

Only stores can be explored inside now. All the cool building interiors are gone. I'd like to go back to the Murder Brawl arena but I can't. Although when I stand outside, there are amazing fighting sounds that make me so tempted to walk in; and kick some ass! But I can't...

The city is lifeless I KNOW that there are boats in the game, but no one is ever seen in the waters using one. Except the cops, when chasing you in water. :/

By the way, have you noticed how the express/highways are empty? Maybe, just maybe you might possibly pass a car or two. Plus the rigs... I miss the SR2 rigs. I loved how on the highway SR2 rigs carried random cargo. It was fun putting the car in cruise, ride up beside a fuel tanker, and attach a sticky satchel to it!

BTW the freaking dildo didn't come close at all to make me forget the large selection of weapons in SR2 that you guys left out. Where are the shock paddles? I wanna revive someone, kill them again, stick a satchel on them, revive 'em again, and watch them squirm.Plus the major lack of melee weapons, sledge hammer, pepper spray, crowbar, and again the SHOCK PADDLES. Super lack of pistols. Where the hell is my bad-ass 44 Sheperd REVOLVER? Pimp cane, pimp slap? XM8 assault rifle (my favorite real-life design assault rifle) and on a smaller note no water cannon on fire trucks? I guess the fire fighters put the fires out with magical powers?

Same thing for airplanes. In SR2 you'd see planes flying, and boats crashing through ocean waves; but on SR:TT everyone only has the skill/knowledge to drive cars only.

I know some people are gonna complain about me complaining. So save yourself the time and don't reply. I'm not gonna deal with it.

I just miss the small things, that all add up to make a great game.

I would also like to note the terrible car sounds. Infinite gears, sound goes away when using cruise, drifting sounds never sync up right, and the Kenshin sounds like it has 2 engines running together.

Update: I'd like to see in future DLC, some of the old activities from SR2. Like Septic Avenger, Fight Club, FUZZ, and Crowd Control. Why were these activities removed?

Plus, the useful phone operations. Why was the Taxi feature taken away? I loved calling up a taxi, and riding around the town instantly. I was so excited for SR:TT, but it's just watered down compared to SR2.

I wish Volition added more variety to the map as well. Instead of factories, buildings, factories. Oh, did I mention some more factories? I wish there was some beaches, forests, or a jungle for the tiger from tiger escort XD. And a mountain to drive cars off from haha.

Like the new DLC?

Z style pack: Zimos outfit and bling shotgun.

Explosive pack: Future oufit and M2 grenade launcher.

Why was this not accesible in-game? This should be free. I know it's 2 dollars, but 2 dollars for Digitally Locked Content. I'm tired of this money scandal. I bought your game, I beat it, hell, I even bought the Season Pass. But I expect more for what I paid. I have $86 dollars invested in this game. And it's not even complete. The content is in the game already, but Volition states it's for Co-op compatibility. I see no reason why an update won't work with DLC for future compatibility.

Cobra9597, 2011-12-09T22:21:18Z (last edited: Cobra9597, 2011-12-13T21:28:22Z)

I agree, 2011-12-10T00:58:19Z
Agree !!!!!!!!!!!
Ultorultor, 2011-12-10T08:48:58Z
If it wasn't already on the disc, you wouldn't be able to play with people who have it if you don't, or vice versa. If you don't like it, don't buy it. And it is only $2, so how much stuff do you expect?
Shadowcat270, 2011-12-10T09:28:17Z
You obviously didn't read my post did you? I bought the Season Pass, and I know how much I'm getting with it. But with the $2 dollar DLC, it was originally in-game, then locked for quick cash.
Cobra9597, 2011-12-12T00:28:14Z
The ending of the game was its weakest point.In the previous two games after beating all 3 gangs you unlocked a set of missions that would foresee the ending but in saints row: the third...well not so much.I never saw the ending coming,at one point I was in a wrestler match,10 minutes later I was on a plane,5 minutes later I was on a zombie infested island and then a few more minutes later I had to make a choice whether to save my friend or kill a cocky asshole.After the ending the bridges were still up even after STAG was out of the city and the retarded drivers kept falling in the water.The island with the zombies was still infested and the gas in the air was visible from half of the city despite me removing the containers leaking it in the air.The statue was still smoking and flaming even days after it got destroyed.I got really dissapointed at the end.I hope they fix this thing because im tired of getting my car half smashed every time I pass through a bridge.Oh and also how does the Syndicate tower get blown up at the top when the bomb is armed in the parking lot.FIX THE DAMN PROBLEMS!
DNB74, 2011-12-10T18:49:54Z
Exactly those are great points. Thanks DNB74.
Cobra9597, 2011-12-12T00:29:44Z
How in the hell do you smash your car up halfway going over those bridges? I can get over those things without even busting the lights on my car!
And the obvious reason for the syndicate tower is, had it actually blown apart and fell down, it would mean alot of spread out wreckage and destruction on the streets and buildings surrounding it.
Andre Rodriguez, 2011-12-15T06:43:16Z
I have so many problems with the game I wouldn't know where to begin. I find myself agreeing with you for the most part; it wasn't a bad game, but for 3 years of development, it was a huge disappointment - considering that, strangely, I wasn't *too* hyped up about the game, it really shouldn't have been.
Moozipan Cheese, 2011-12-12T03:10:05Z
Oh, and from what I've heard of Volition closing down users' topics on their forums is pretty disgraceful.
Moozipan Cheese, 2011-12-12T03:12:02Z
It's not only that man.They uploaded videos of the new DLC's on youtube and people werent too happy about it,so the removed them,blocked a few people and reuploaded but people still arent happy about it.Im cool with all the new content but they sell it at a bit of a high price..I mean I could just upgrade my K-8 to level 4 and buy the unlimited grenades upgrade to get something that does the same thing and about the suit..dont even get me started.I hope the mission pack's are worth the money.Cant wait to see gangstas in space
DNB74, 2011-12-12T10:05:06Z
Yep, that's why I posted this blog. My original thread on the Saintsrow website got locked.
@DNB74, Yea that's sad. They should have expected some criticism on their money scheme. I mean, what did they expect? Especially since people found out it was locked content already on the disc! Plus people with the PC game, can hack this content for free. Giving them free and early access to DLC.
I aswell cannot wait for Gangstas in Space, hopefully we will see some Red Faction Easter Eggs. This makes me wonder if Volition is deciding to go with the same Lock DLC scandal for quick cash in SR4.
Cobra9597, 2011-12-13T01:04:15Z (last edited: Cobra9597, 2011-12-13T01:05:53Z)
having mass ammounts of issues too! Like bridges not going down, no day and night cycle, lifeless city.
THERE EVEN CHARGING 2.99 TO USE A GOD DAM* HEALTH CHEAT! LIKE REALLY??? And theres only 49 short missions. Also the "upcoming" dlc is not upcoming lol, we already have it, ITS ON THE DISK already. And that 19.99 season pass lol is to "save money", well ok... when its 19.99 saving 15% on 19.99 DLC. How is that really saving?, 2012-01-04T09:09:24Z
lol all the DLC is already on disk. Dont belive me? Some kid got it all working by enabling a few lines. Genki bowl is not missions, its just activities. Trouble with clones is just 5 missions and ganstas in space is 5 missions. All are a big rip off and ANYONE, i dont care who they are, they are stupid if they buy the season pass or the cheats pack. 19.99 to get 15% off upcoming 19.99 DLC that has 5 missions is NOT a good deal, and 2.99 for cheats? Wow thq..., 2012-01-04T09:18:10Z
lol i like the bridges being up but there should be an option in the phone menu that should say HOMIE BRIDGE to put em down i mean seriously!! oh and if you think those cars are bad i drove threw one of the fking bridges with the kanedaand the glitch for the rim jobs i tried it with the copper cycle and no of the options were selected so i selected a few and my whole bike was amor stripped :C, 2012-02-01T00:23:10Z
I played the game, and beat it. I'm thinking "Alright! Now, what else can I do? Everything else is to short." All I can do now is keep doing the same activities over and over, and kill people., 2012-02-02T14:15:07Z
I have also heard of that, shame how I cant go to downtown PROPERLY now. Also, that big STAG ship, WHERE IS THE WREAKAGE?! I mean the one on STAG Film., 2012-02-09T20:51:59Z
downloading the seaon pass allows to to get the three main dlc for free which i think is pretty could, 2012-03-14T16:24:40Z
dont regret selling SR3 for BF3. Not to mention its boring as shit when you completed the story
RussianEngineer, 2012-04-01T01:54:26Z
i think they should make a DLC for saints row the third that allows you to go back to stilwater when ever you want and also bring back some of the features of saints row 2., 2012-04-14T21:18:01Z (last edited: 452, 2012-05-17T01:08:52Z)
they really should bring back gang fighting style like the morning star should have boxing the luchadors have wrestling and the deckers should have karate nerdy or regular
Lilww3, 2012-04-15T00:24:02Z
I agree with everything in this. I never played SR 2 but i do want all the things you say., 2012-06-11T18:30:49Z
Saints row 2 was the best game I've ever played and I agree. Although SR-TT does add some new things they are lacking a lot of things that sr2 had, 2012-07-09T23:52:30Z
They should have a fighting style for girls. Like the girls when they fight they pull hair and punch like real girls. Like in Saints Row:TT when you press LT and you character beats up the the person she's fighting is a type of mini-game. Yea, when they fight it can be the same mini game but the girls grab hair and the punch.
They radio in saints row SUCKED. You should have music in the present time.
What's up with the map. Ita a ripoff version of grand theft auto. You should make the map realistic and the game like WTF a dildobat. The fact that you couldn't purchase houses before sucked. Also, we should be able to go inside buildings like before. The gameplay NEEDS TO HAVE MORE MISSIONS.
One more thing DON'T REPEAT STORES.
Volition please take this into consideration and Cobra9597 opinion, 2012-07-14T20:34:24Z
Ooh boy, are you in for a letdown...
RomeoReject, 2012-07-15T00:32:27Z
You aren't alone in this, Cobra, I too thought it was inexcusable how much content was missing in Saints Row 3 compared to Saints Row 2. One step forwards, two steps back...
RomeoReject, 2012-07-15T00:31:51Z
i hope violation reads this before finishing saints row 4 and i think the zombie pedtrians cheat would have been more fun i co-op not just single player
Sparduck117, 2012-07-15T05:42:05Z
also in the kill kilbane where is the remains of the daedelus and why is only the top of the syndicate building blown up the bomb sould have left at most the lowest 3 stories in tact but have the area be buired in rubble. zomie island i don't mind it being overrun still just because its fun to kill zombies.
Sparduck117, 2012-07-15T05:46:51Z
I doubt that volition will ever read any blog here.
452, 2012-07-15T23:56:08Z
well the bridge does go down after a while but wanted the bridge up, 2012-07-26T10:19:40Z
The bridges never go back down, not unless you start a new game...
RomeoReject, 2012-07-26T18:24:14Z
There are conflicting reports as to whether or not the bridges go down, and why.
  • Some people claim the bridges go down after the final mission
    • Edit: they go down temporarily after Three Way - not the final missions
  • Some people claim the bridges go down after completing all stunt jumps
    • Edit: Nope.
  • Some people claim the bridges go back up after saving and reloading.
    • Edit: This is what I have found, and not a single person has ever confirmed that the bridges stay down after reloading.
If you have any more information, please tell us.
452, 2012-07-27T23:31:59Z (last edited: 452, 2012-10-01T02:59:27Z)
Have beat the game four times now, they do not go down after, that much I can garauntee. Stunt jumps I haven't tried, but will do so now.
But really, if either of those were flags, then presumably saving and reloading wouldn't have an adverse effect.
RomeoReject, 2012-08-07T22:16:48Z
I have posted my findings at Talk:Stunt_Jumps#Bridges in SRTT.
Anyone with additional information should join the conversation there.
452, 2012-10-01T02:58:35Z
i don't see why they can't fix the damaged areas like the aircraft carrier , the statue , zombie island , and the bridages . why is the armory restricted its just really dumb to not fix these things after you complete a mission., 2012-08-07T16:35:15Z
hate the lack off customisation(to few stores ,cant customize my bear apc,)
hate the over the top so called humor
hate the fact that all the caracters changed to mutch shaundy has become a bitch , pierce turned into overconfident asshole and gatt pritty mutch stayed the same butt then they killed him off.
i mean the guy survives being sliced and diced by junichy butt he doesnt survives a gun shot
im gonna start playing sr2 again and forget that the third ever happent, 2012-10-26T18:47:28Z
I hate how they nickel and dime stuff thats already in the game! So much dlc and all of it is way to expensive. It's a slap in the face for those who bought the game. When I buy a game I DONT WANT HALF THE GAMES CONTENT AND PAY ADDITIONALLY FOR THE REST! I would have just pirated it if i knew how much money i would have to piss away on dlc.., 2012-12-02T10:03:18Z
Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package
452, 2012-12-02T12:59:17Z

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