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The annoying bridges, DLC ripoffs and more!

Cobra9597 December 9, 2011 User blog:Cobra9597

These are original threads on the SaintsRow Forums . Ok, I know it's been mentioned already but fix the damn bridges. I know they're used for stunt jumps, but what's so hard about making them go down after completion?

Oh, and what's up with all the amazing train track layout but no working trains? Wow, GTA1 had working trains.

Only stores can be explored inside now. All the cool building interiors are gone. I'd like to go back to the Murder Brawl arena but I can't. Although when I stand outside, there are amazing fighting sounds that make me so tempted to walk in; and kick some ass! But I can't...

The city is lifeless I KNOW that there are boats in the game, but no one is ever seen in the waters using one. Except the cops, when chasing you in water. :/

By the way, have you noticed how the express/highways are empty? Maybe, just maybe you might possibly pass a car or two. Plus the rigs... I miss the SR2 rigs. I loved how on the highway SR2 rigs carried random cargo. It was fun putting the car in cruise, ride up beside a fuel tanker, and attach a sticky satchel to it!

BTW the freaking dildo didn't come close at all to make me forget the large selection of weapons in SR2 that you guys left out. Where are the shock paddles? I wanna revive someone, kill them again, stick a satchel on them, revive 'em again, and watch them squirm.Plus the major lack of melee weapons, sledge hammer, pepper spray, crowbar, and again the SHOCK PADDLES. Super lack of pistols. Where the hell is my bad-ass 44 Sheperd REVOLVER? Pimp cane, pimp slap? XM8 assault rifle (my favorite real-life design assault rifle) and on a smaller note no water cannon on fire trucks? I guess the fire fighters put the fires out with magical powers?

Same thing for airplanes. In SR2 you'd see planes flying, and boats crashing through ocean waves; but on SR:TT everyone only has the skill/knowledge to drive cars only.

I know some people are gonna complain about me complaining. So save yourself the time and don't reply. I'm not gonna deal with it.

I just miss the small things, that all add up to make a great game.

I would also like to note the terrible car sounds. Infinite gears, sound goes away when using cruise, drifting sounds never sync up right, and the Kenshin sounds like it has 2 engines running together.

Update: I'd like to see in future DLC, some of the old activities from SR2. Like Septic Avenger, Fight Club, FUZZ, and Crowd Control. Why were these activities removed?

Plus, the useful phone operations. Why was the Taxi feature taken away? I loved calling up a taxi, and riding around the town instantly. I was so excited for SR:TT, but it's just watered down compared to SR2.

I wish Volition added more variety to the map as well. Instead of factories, buildings, factories. Oh, did I mention some more factories? I wish there was some beaches, forests, or a jungle for the tiger from tiger escort XD. And a mountain to drive cars off from haha.

Like the new DLC?

Z style pack: Zimos outfit and bling shotgun.

Explosive pack: Future oufit and M2 grenade launcher.

Why was this not accesible in-game? This should be free. I know it's 2 dollars, but 2 dollars for Digitally Locked Content. I'm tired of this money scandal. I bought your game, I beat it, hell, I even bought the Season Pass. But I expect more for what I paid. I have $86 dollars invested in this game. And it's not even complete. The content is in the game already, but Volition states it's for Co-op compatibility. I see no reason why an update won't work with DLC for future compatibility.

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