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December 9, 2011
  • Cobra9597

    These are original threads on the SaintsRow Forums . Ok, I know it's been mentioned already but fix the damn bridges. I know they're used for stunt jumps, but what's so hard about making them go down after completion?

    Oh, and what's up with all the amazing train track layout but no working trains? Wow, GTA1 had working trains.

    Only stores can be explored inside now. All the cool building interiors are gone. I'd like to go back to the Murder Brawl arena but I can't. Although when I stand outside, there are amazing fighting sounds that make me so tempted to walk in; and kick some ass! But I can't...

    The city is lifeless I KNOW that there are boats in the game, but no one is ever seen in the waters using one. Except the cops, when chasing you in …

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