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Posted by Bob579 on 2012-01-09 08:41:21


I got a question, can i buy a DLC, and than multyplayer with mine friend?

So i hate that problem that you buy a DLC ( SR2 )

And i want to multyplayer with my friend, the PS3 say's: You got not the good version.

Is that also by SR3?


Bob579, 2012-01-09T08:41:21Z

They've solved this for SRTT by releasing free "viewer pack" DLC for each DLC.
Of course, this means that a person with an offline console cannot play local multiplayer with a person who has full DLC.
Haha, nevermind, it's not possible for someone with an offline console to ever play multiplayer because the "Online Pack" must be redeemed, online, in order to play offline multiplayer.
452, 2013-04-14T15:13:03Z

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