Posted by Bandicootfan63 on 2014-12-24 16:18:02

So, basically I LOVE Saints Row and I can't wait for Gat Out of Hell to be released. I was playing SRIV on the 360 and I realized something about the name of the GAT V Pack.

I've read (on here, I think) that the name is a poke at GTA V, although I think it's something a bit more interesting: Gat Out of Hell is the largest of SRIV's expansions/addons, which may lead some to see it as the true 5th entry in the series. What I'm thinking is that the name GAT V might have been Volition's sneaky hint at Gat being playable. Any thoughts? Is this just nonsense? Leave a comment below.

Bandicootfan63, 2014-12-24T16:18:02Z

'which may lead some to see it as the true 5th entry in the series.
Anyone who sees it as the 5th entry in the series is wrong, and is trying to join unrelated dots.
452, 2014-12-24T17:46:58Z
Meh, just thought it was interesting. :/
Bandicootfan63, 2014-12-30T03:08:24Z (last edited: Bandicootfan63, 2014-12-30T03:08:39Z)

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