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Posted by Bandicootfan63 on 2015-01-23 22:00:42

I'm a few hours into Gat Out of Hell, and I pre-ordered the game, and as you know that gave me codes for the Devil's Workshop Pack and Plague of Frogs. Anyway, I've found the Shakespearean skull weapon in my inventory, but I can't find the way to change to the Saints wings. Do I need to progress further into the storyline? I've only rallied Blackbeard.

Bandicootfan63, 2015-01-23T22:00:42Z

Guys, I found out, in case anybody else had this problem:
Just go to the Arcane Menu, select Flight, and Wing Style. Then you'll be able to change to the Saints Wings, provided you have the pack.
Bandicootfan63, 2015-01-24T10:49:46Z
Thanks for sharing the answer!
452, 2015-01-24T15:16:02Z

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