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  • Bandicootfan63

    I need someone to play Co-Op with me on Gat Out of Hell for the PS4. My PSN ID is ClassyCrash63, just message me. It's negotiable how we do it, I was thinking if you're not able to sit for three hours (I'm not either tonight) I could just invite you before you go to bed or whatever, you go AFK with your PS4 on and then I'll just screw around by myself until I get the trophy. (To be clear, I need exactly 2 hours and 55 minutes in Co-Op.)

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  • Bandicootfan63

    So, I've just finished SRIV: Re-Elected and noticed the SaintsRowXDeadIsland coming in 2015 thing. Volition's always had a great sense of humor, but does anyone think that could have some truth to it? It would make sense considering Deep Silver recently bought Volition, right? My theory is that it's either a teaser for some new game (since after Gat out of Hell Volition stated there would be no more DLC for IV) or it could have even been a reference to Gat out of Hell itself, considering the themes of death in the game. Any thoughts?

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  • Bandicootfan63

    I'm a few hours into Gat Out of Hell, and I pre-ordered the game, and as you know that gave me codes for the Devil's Workshop Pack and Plague of Frogs. Anyway, I've found the Shakespearean skull weapon in my inventory, but I can't find the way to change to the Saints wings. Do I need to progress further into the storyline? I've only rallied Blackbeard.

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  • Bandicootfan63

    The Gat Theory

    December 24, 2014 by Bandicootfan63

    So, basically I LOVE Saints Row and I can't wait for Gat Out of Hell to be released. I was playing SRIV on the 360 and I realized something about the name of the GAT V Pack.

    I've read (on here, I think) that the name is a poke at GTA V, although I think it's something a bit more interesting: Gat Out of Hell is the largest of SRIV's expansions/addons, which may lead some to see it as the true 5th entry in the series. What I'm thinking is that the name GAT V might have been Volition's sneaky hint at Gat being playable. Any thoughts? Is this just nonsense? Leave a comment below.

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