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Posted by Andre Rodriguez on 2011-12-15 06:37:23

Becoming sick of the pointless bickering and whining over the photos I had posted on the X-2 Phantom and Challenger pages. I decided to take them down, yet somebody refuses to leave them down, and keeps putting them back onto the pages. As my images, I should have the right to take them down, and have them stay down, this is what I wish, and I'll continue to remove them when they are put back up.

Andre Rodriguez, 2011-12-15T06:37:23Z

I just deleted one of them. Hopefully it doesn't turn into fight over edits.
Dragonhunter 2336, 2011-12-15T12:30:00Z
What do you mean you deleted it? Like it's no longer on the site anymore? If so, thanks.
Andre Rodriguez, 2011-12-15T21:31:46Z
The only person "bickering" and "whining" is you. They are no longer "your" images, and you do not have any rights to them. If you continue to remove them, you will be blocked from editing, as you have been warned multiple times.
452, 2011-12-16T23:25:44Z
Why aren't they "My" images? I'm the one that took them. And if you look at the talk page for the X-2 Phantom page you'll see all the members bickering and whining over the images
Andre Rodriguez, 2011-12-18T06:00:41Z
I see you bickering and whining, on multiple pages.
You gave those images to Wikia, you do not own them.
452, 2011-12-18T06:15:49Z

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