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Posted by Agent47JN on 2013-09-14 21:32:53

I have a bug, I have unlimited sprinting and unlimited stamina (upgrade tier 4) and I still lose stamina when I glide, and when I start and stop sprinting I get a chunk taken away. How do I fix this?

Agent47JN, 2013-09-14T21:32:53Z

Great question.
Platform? Patches? Co-op? Cheats?
452, 2013-09-14T21:39:44Z
Platform is 360
No Xbox Live
Haven't tried Cheats (I don't want the auto save to stop, but can if need arises)
Agent47JN, 2013-09-14T21:51:52Z
Excellent, everything the same as me!
452, 2013-09-14T21:54:45Z
And have you bought "Glide Efficiency 3"?
452, 2013-09-14T21:41:16Z
No, I bought two since the stamina 4 upgrade said glide to your heart's content.
Agent47JN, 2013-09-14T21:49:21Z
Now this is something that is different to me, I bought all the super sprint and glide upgrades before getting Stamina 4. (because i wasn't up to the XP required for Stamina 4.)
So, I'm thinking that this might have something to do with it.
On my next playthrough, I won't buy the power upgrade, and i'll wait for Stamina 4 to become available.
452, 2013-09-14T21:56:21Z
I think I'll try reloading a couple saves, it used to not do that. If I can't get it to work I guess I can use cheats.
Agent47JN, 2013-09-14T22:14:43Z
Oh, it was previously working?
Well, that makes it more complicated. I'll still try to see if I can replicate it though.
I think you should definitely buy the power upgrades and see if they fix it.
452, 2013-09-14T22:25:16Z
Okay, I bought all the stamina/glide/sprint upgrades. Now the act of doing it doesn't take stamina, it takes it when I stop running, about 1 5th
Agent47JN, 2013-09-14T22:43:24Z

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