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Posted by on 2011-12-16 07:13:15

What's the absolute fastest car (and motorcycle) in Saints Row: The Third?

The trivia section on Attrazione implies that it and the Kaneda are fastest, but then I know there are some very nice unlockable vehicles like the Wraith which is apparently based off the Attrazione, from which one would infer the Wraith were better. It's just not very clear., 2011-12-16T07:13:15Z

Me and my cousin did tests and the wraith and the x2 phantom are the fasest car and bike, 2013-05-28T18:47:52Z
Vehicles in Saints Row: The Third
The Attrazione and the Wraith are basically the same vehicle. The X2 Phantom and the Kaneda are basically the same vehicle.
All 4 of these tie for the fastest land vehicle, although others can reach the same speed with a nitrous boost.
452, 2013-05-28T18:53:32Z
the attrazione is basically the same type of car as the wraith and the kaneda isnt really like the X2 Phantom different type of wheels and body mods so? really the 4 are the fastest but the attrazione would be the fastest car and the X2 Phantom would be the fastest motorbike.
Chelcimurray, 2013-07-08T20:01:22Z
The X-2 Phantom is the same speed as the Kaneda.
452, 2013-07-08T20:40:23Z

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