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Incase no one noticed Saints Row: The Third uses different names for their colors than before. And I like to dress my Protagonist in Saints' Purple (patriotic ain't I?). Bad thing is I'm not so good at compairing colros (Beyond yeah that looks good anyways) and I'm wondering which of the colors on the palate is considered Saints' Purple (I'm thinking Violet 6 is it). Would also like to know which car paint color equals the Saint's Purple for vehicles too., 2012-03-25T02:35:35Z

Purple 1
This is a series of swatches taken from various images. All of these are used in various places as "Saints purple"

Purple 3
This is each individual colour from the previous image. The gray in this image can be ignored

Purple 8
This is six different averages made using different sections of the previous image.

Additionally, the data files sometimes define the colours in a way we can use:
  • sr2
  • sr2
  • sr2
  • sr3:
All of these are defined as Saints Purple, for different uses.
we're now using some of these colours here on the wiki.
452, 2013-04-14T16:04:59Z
What I've never actually done is taken a screenshot of the game myself to try and get a good "Saints Purple"
452, 2013-04-14T16:06:08Z
While Saints Row definitely had a colour named "Saints Purple", the colour used by Saints vehicles in Saints Row: The Third is "Harlequin Purple".
452, 2013-04-16T02:52:43Z

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