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This is a compiled list of all objects in Saints Row 2.


Specifically, this is all objects listed in:

  • items_3d.xtbl
  • items_inventory.xtbl
  • store_weapons.xtbl
  • weapons.xtbl
  • drugs.xtbl

This includes all normal weapons, unused weapons, various mission objects, and food/drink/drug items.

Note: I have fixed some errors in the data, as well as combined identical lines, so this isn't exactly what is in the raw files.

Improvised weapons are not in these files, they are in these files:

  • Item_text.xtbl
  • level_objects.xtbl (this file also contains the names of all objects on this page)

I will make a second list with improvised weapons soon.

To view this table, you must click the icon in the top right to show the full table, and then click the arrows at the top of each column to sort.

Every item listed here can be modded to be used as a weapon, but that doesn't mean they are all weapons. Many of them are just objects which you can hold.


moved to Weapons in Saints Row 2#Unavailable Weapons


moved to Weapons in Saints Row 2#Special Objects

Unused modelsEdit

In addition to the entries in the table, the following model files are not referenced by any weapon/object definitions, but may be possible to use via modding.
some of these have associated entries in item_text.xtbl

  • p_tec9b - "tec9b": "Platinum T3K Urban" (from SR1)
  • p_spas_12b - "spas12b": "Platinum AS12 Riot" (from SR1)
  • p_spas_12 - "Spas12": "AS12 Riot" (from SR1)
  • p_sniper - "sniper_rifle": "McManus" (from SR1)
  • p_laser_rpg - "rpg_laser": "Platinum RPG" (from SR1)
  • p_knife - this is the correct knife model, which is unused.
  • p_mac_10 - "Mac10": "SKR-7 Spree" (from SR1)
  • p_watergun - "Watergun": "Watergun(temp)" - a water pistol? a firehose? (When reloading the fire extinguisher, it is called a "watergun")
  • p_foamshocker - As File:P foamnumber1 foamfingerback.png shows, there are 4 pimp slaps
  • p_foamrocker - It should be possible to switch these around through modding.
  • p_foamnumber1
  • p_dollarbill
  • p_dollarbill20 - dollarbill100 is used, these are other notes.
  • p_riot_shield - used by masako team?
  • p_kab
  • p_guitar - possibly matt's guitar?
  • p_brassknucklesb - Two unused brassknuckles for the price of one, probably silver and gold.
  • p_batwood - a wooden baseball bat?

Unused items defined in item_text.xtbl:

  • caltrop "Caltrop": "Caltrops"
  • chairjohnny "chairjohnny": "Johnny's chair"
  • cigarette "cigarette": "cigarette"
  • Delivery Goods "Delivery Goods": "Delivery Goods"
  • desert_eagle_gold "desert_eagle_gold": "Gold Plated GDHC .50"
  • stack100 "stack100": "stack100"
  • liquorbottle "liquorbottle": "liquor bottle"
  • photokingjulius "photokingjulius": "photo of King and Julius"
  • photolynn "photolynn": "photo of Lynn"
  • rag "rag": "rag"
  • spraycancut "spraycancut": "spray can"
  • watchcase "watchcase": "watch case"

Object tableEdit

Internal name 1 Internal name 2 display name model pre load HUD image Category Touch action Store Cost Flags Description
40oz 40OZ 40 oz. dolt45 1 ui_hud_inv_d_40z Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug Sit back and crack open a Billy Dee.
AcousticGuitar _ _ acousticGuitar Life No
AcousticGuitarCase _ _ acousticguitarcase Life No
ak47 ak47 K6 Krukov p_ak47 1 ui_hud_inv_w_ak47 Weapons Rifle PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 5000 Bang bang! Point and shoot
ak_clip _ _ cut_ak47mag 1 Weapons Clips PICKUP_WEAPON No
AnniRocket _ _ p_anniRocket 1 Weapons Clips PICKUP_WEAPON No
AR200 ar200 AR200 SAW p_ar200 1 ui_hud_inv_w_ar200 Weapons Rifle PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 10000
AR50 AR-50 AR-50 XMAC p_AR50 1 ui_hud_inv_w_ar50 Weapons Rifle PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 20000
AR50_launcher AR-50_launcher AR-50 w/Grenade Launcher p_ar50rpg 1 ui_hud_inv_w_ar50grenade Weapons Rifle PICKUP_WEAPON No
AR50grenade _ _ p_ar50grenade 1 Weapons Clips PICKUP_WEAPON No
AS14 AS14 AS14 Hammer p_as14 1 ui_hud_inv_w_as14 Weapons Shotgun PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 10000
badge_police badge_police Police Badge BadgePolice Other 100
baseball_bat baseball_bat Baseball Bat p_aluminumbat 1 ui_hud_inv_w_bat Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 50 Swing, battah battah battah!
bean_bag_gun bean_bag_gun CKH Riot Special p_shotgun 1 Ranged 4000 Bang bang! Point and shoot
beer _ _ beercan 1 Life No collide_all
belly_jelly_donut DRUG_JELLY_DONUT_NAME Belly Jelly Donut donutab01 1 ui_hud_inv_f_hot_donut_b Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug A big donut with a jelly filling.
beretta beretta VICE 9 p_beretta 1 ui_hud_inv_w_beretta Weapons Pistol PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 250 Bang bang! Point and shoot
big_money dollarbill100 100 dollar bill dollarbill100 1 Money give_rand_money No is_money
Binoculars _ _ Binoculars Life No
BlackJackCards1 _ _ blackjackCards Life No
blunt BLUNT Blunt p_blunt 1 ui_hud_inv_d_blunt Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug Your standard, run-of-the-mill blunt. Good for glaucoma and Phish concerts.
bombsml bombsml bomb bombsml 1 Cutscene/Mission No
Bong Bong Bong Bong ui_hud_inv_d_bong Life No Snootchie-bootchies!
BookOpen _ _ bookOpen Life No
BooksHold _ _ bookshold 1 Life No
bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet Other 100
BoxCokeB _ _ boxcokeb Cutscene/Mission No
brass_knuckles brass_knuckles Brass Knuckles p_brassknuckles ui_hud_inv_w_brassknuckles
BroomLife _ _ broomlife 1 Life No
brown_donut DRUG_DONUT_NAME Brown Donut donutab01 1 ui_hud_inv_f_hot_donut_a Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug A nice brown round donut. Perfect for dunking.
BugNet _ _ BugNet Life No
burgera DRUG_TWIN_NAME The Twins BurgerA 1 ui_hud_inv_f_doubleburger Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug Two identical half pound burgers
butterfly_knife butterfly_knife Butterfly Knife p_butterflyKnife 1 ui_hud_inv_w_butterflyknife Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 50 Shank Ya
CarJack _ _ carjackA01 1 Life No
Catsup _ _ catsup Life No
CD_collect _ _ saintsrowcd 1 Collectible Items PICKUP_CD No spin dont_stick_to_ground
cellphone cellphone Cellphone cellphone Other 100
cellphone_NPC _ _ cellphone_npc 1 Life No
cellphone_PC _ _ cellphone_pc 1 Cutscene/Mission No
CementSpat _ _ CementSpat Life No
chainlink _ _ chainlink Cutscene/Mission No
chainsaw chainsaw Chainsaw p_chainsaw 1 ui_hud_inv_w_chainsaw Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON Yes
charge_launcher charge_launcher Charge Launcher p_rpg Other 100 Bang bang! Point and shoot
chicken_bazooms DRUG_CHICK_NAME Chicken Bazooms BurgerA 1 ui_hud_inv_f_chicken Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug Giant, oval chicken nuggets.
CigarretteLife _ _ cigarettelife 1 Life No
clipboard _ _ clipboard 1 Life No
coffee DRUG_COFFEE_NAME Coffee softdrink 1 ui_hud_inv_f_hot_coffee Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug Coffee, black as the night.
CoffeeCup _ _ coffeemug Life No
CoffeeCupPlastic _ _ coffecupplastic 1 Life No
coin _ _ p_coin 1 Money PICKUP_COIN No is_money
compCam _ _ compCam Cutscene/Mission No dont_drop_from_prop
ConstBarrelLife _ _ constBarrelLife Life No collide_all
CoolerLife _ _ coolerLife Life No
cut_beretta beretta VICE 9 cut_beretta Cutscene/Mission PICKUP_WEAPON No
desert eagle desert eagle GDHC .50 saharafalcon 1 ui_hud_inv_w_deserteagle Weapons Pistol PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 3000 Bang bang! Point and shoot
Detonator detonator Detonator detonator 1 ui_hud_inv_w_c4detonator Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON No
DigitalCamera _ _ slrcamera Life No
dong_tea DRUG_TEA_NAME Dong Tea softdrink 1 ui_hud_inv_f_phuc_soda Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug Specially brewed tea for virility
donut_holes DRUG_HOLES_NAME Donut Holes donutab01 1 ui_hud_inv_f_hot_holes Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug Bite sized fun. Perfect for thugs on the run.
DrumSteel _ _ SteelDrum Life No
DrumstickLeft _ _ DrumstickLeft Life No
DrumstickRight _ _ DrumstickRight Life No
dual_swords dual_swords Dual Samurai Swords p_samurai_sword 1 Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON No
DumbBellLeft _ _ DumbBellLeft Life No
DumbBellRight _ _ DumbBellRight Life No
FireBreather _ _ firebreather Life No
fireext fire_extinguisher Fire Extinguisher FireExt 1 ui_hud_inv_w_fireext Weapons Special give_item No
fishingRod1 _ _ fishingPole Life No
flamethrower flamethrower Flamethrower p_flamethrower 1 ui_hud_inv_w_flamethrower Weapons Special PICKUP_WEAPON Yes
flashbang flashbang Flashbang p_flashbang 1 ui_hud_inv_w_flashbang Weapons Thrown PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 250 collide_as_capsule
flashlight _ _ flashlight Life No collide_all
FlyerMultiple _ _ FlyersMultiple Life No
FlyerSingle _ _ FlyersSingle Life No
Gal43 Gal43 GAL 43 p_Gal43 1 ui_hud_inv_w_gal43 Weapons Sub_Machine_Gun PICKUP_WEAPON Yes
giegerCounter Geiger_Counter Geiger Counter giegercounter ui_hud_inv_w_geigercounter Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON No
gin_n_juice GIN_N_JUICE Gin N' Juice ginjuice ui_hud_inv_d_ginjuice Drugs/Food Pop cap and drink it.
glock glock NR4 p_glock21c 1 ui_hud_inv_w_gloc Weapons Pistol PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 250 Glock
grecian_juice DRUG_GRECIAN_NAME Grecian Juice softdrink 1 ui_hud_inv_f_cog_soda Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug Nectar of the gods
grenade grenade Hand Grenade hand_grenade 1 ui_hud_inv_w_grenade Weapons Thrown PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 500 collide_as_capsule Light the fuse and let it fly
Hammer _ _ HammerB Life No
handmirror _ _ HandMirror Cutscene/Mission No
HandSaw _ _ handSaw Life No
Harmonica _ _ Harmonica Life No
HedgeTrimmer _ _ hedgeTrimmer Life No
heli_fighter_01 wep_heli_fighter_01 Minigun/Rockets p_ar50rpg 1 ui_hud_inv_w_heli Vehicle
hennessy HENESSY Cognac cognac ui_hud_inv_d_hennessy Drugs/Food Pop cap and drink it
Holt_55 Holt_55 Kobra p_Holt55 1 ui_hud_inv_w_holt55 Weapons Pistol PICKUP_WEAPON No Bang bang! Point and shoot
hot_gyro DRUG_HOT_GYRO_NAME Hot Gyro gyro 1 ui_hud_inv_f_cog_gyro_a Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug A large mound of spicy meat on a pita.
Hotdog _ _ hotdog Life No
inhaler _ _ p_inhaler 1 Life No collide_all
InmateScrub _ _ InmateScrub Life No
InmateScrubBucket _ _ inmatescrubBucket Life No dont_drop_from_prop
jackhammer jackhammer jackhammer jackhammer Life No collide_all
JanitorKart _ _ JanitorKart Life No
JewelryBox _ _ JewelryBox Life No
Juggler _ _ juggler Life No
keys keys_car Car Keys p_keys Cutscene/Mission give_mission_item No
knife knife Knife p_butterflyknife 1 ui_hud_inv_w_knife Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 50 Shank Ya
krystal KRYSTAL Bubbly krystal ui_hud_inv_d_krystal Drugs/Food Pop cap and drink it.
Laptop _ _ laptop 1 Life No
large_softdrink DRUG_SODA_NAME Big Swallow softdrink 1 ui_hud_inv_f_soda Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug A styrofoam cup of any delicious cola beverage.
LaundryBasket _ _ laundrybasket 1 Life No
lighter lighter lighter lighter ui_hud_inv_w_lighter Other 100
LighterCUT _ _ lighterCUT Cutscene/Mission No
lil_gyro DRUG_LIL_GYRO_NAME Lil' Gyro gyro 1 ui_hud_inv_f_cog_gyro_b Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug A bite sized portion of meat on a pita. Great for kids.
Limbo Stick _ _ limbo Life No
loa_dust_package _ _ cokebrick Cutscene/Mission PICKUP_DUST_PCKG No no_auto_destroy
lollipop lollipop lollipop lollipop Life No
Luggage_Pull _ _ luggagepull 1 Life No collide_all
Lumber _ _ PostLumber Life No
m16 m16 AR-40 Xtnd p_m32 1 ui_hud_inv_w_m32 Weapons Rifle PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 7500 Bang bang! Point and shoot
m16_clip _ _ p_m32mag 1 Weapons Clips PICKUP_WEAPON No
mac10_clip _ _ p_mac_10mag 1 Weapons Clips PICKUP_WEAPON No
machete machete Machete p_machete 1 ui_hud_inv_w_machete Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 75
magazine _ _ carmag Life No
magnum magnum .44 Shepherd p_colt_anaconda 1 ui_hud_inv_w_magnum Weapons Pistol PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 2000 Magnum Handgun
mcmanus2010 mcmanus2010 McManus 2010 p_McManus 1 ui_hud_inv_w_sniper Weapons Special PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 7500
Megaphone _ _ megaphone Life No
metalbriefcase _ _ metalBriefcase Life No keep use_pickup no_auto_destroy
MetalDetector _ _ metaldetector 1 Life No
MetalMug _ _ MetalMug Life No
Mic_No6_cut _ _ mic_no6_cut Cutscene/Mission No
minigun minigun Mini-Gun p_miniguntest 1 ui_hud_inv_w_minigun Weapons Rifle PICKUP_WEAPON No
molotov molotov Molotov Cocktail p_molotov 1 ui_hud_inv_w_molotov Weapons Thrown PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 100 collide_as_sphere Thrown weapon, explodes into fire on impact.
Mustard _ _ mustard Life No
NewsclipGala _ _ newClipGala Cutscene/Mission No
newspapera _ _ newspaper 1 Life No
newspaperCover _ _ newspapercover 1 Life No
nightstick nightstick Nightstick p_tonfa 1 ui_hud_inv_w_nitestick Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 75 One-handed bash weapon
Notepad _ _ notepad Life No
O2 Tank _ _ o2_tank 1 Life No collide_all
olcane _ _ olcane 1 Life No
OOZE _ _ ooze Cutscene/Mission No
PaintBrush _ _ paintbrush Life No
PaintPallet _ _ pallet Life No
pcp pcp PCP p_pcp 40oz Other No 250 Dream on, Dream on, Dream oooooon! Dream with me! Dream for the year!
Pencil _ _ pencil Life No
pepper_spray pepper_spray Pepper Spray p_pepperSpray 1 ui_hud_inv_w_pepperspray Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 50
pimp_slap pimp_slap Pimp Slap p_foamfinger 1 ui_hud_inv_w_foamfinger Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON No
pimpcane pimpcane Pimp Cane pimpcane 1 ui_hud_inv_w_pimpcane Weapons Shotgun PICKUP_WEAPON No Pimp blast those hos
pipe PIPE Pipe p_pipe ui_hud_inv_d_pipe Drugs/Food Hey man...have you ever looked at the back of a $20 bill....on WEEEEEEED?
pipe_bomb pipe_bomb Pipe Bomb p_pipebomb 1 ui_hud_inv_w_pipebomb Weapons Thrown PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 250 collide_as_capsule Light the fuse and let it fly.
piracy_package _ _ box Cutscene/Mission No is_money
plane_biplane01 wep_mounted_gun Mounted .50 cal p_ar50rpg 1 Vehicle
plane_fighter01 wep_mounted_gun Mounted .50 cal p_ar50rpg 1 ui_hud_inv_w_mounted Vehicle
PokerCards _ _ pokerCards Life No
PoliceWand _ _ PoliceWand Life No
PoolCue _ _ poolCue Life No
ProtestBurning _ _ protestburning Life No
ProtestUltor _ _ protestultor Life No
ProtestViolence _ _ protestviolence Life No
pump_action_shotgun pump_action_shotgun Tombstone p_shotgun 1 ui_hud_inv_w_shotgun Weapons Shotgun PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 2500 Bang bang! Point and shoot
purse _ _ pursemed Life No keep use_pickup no_auto_destroy
pyroBox fireworks Fireworks pyroBox ui_hud_inv_w_pyrobox Weapons Thrown PICKUP_WEAPON No collide_as_capsule Light the fuse and let it fly
quarter quarter quarter quarter Life No
race_barrel _ _ racechekb 1 Cutscene/Mission No
ReportersMic _ _ mic_no6 Cutscene/Mission No
RiceChopSticks _ _ ChopsticksQ01 Life No
RiceTakeOut _ _ RiceQ01 Life No
RoninHelmetLife _ _ RoninHelmLife Life No
rpg_annihilator rpg_annihilator Annihilator RPG p_annihilator 1 ui_hud_inv_w_rpga Weapons Special PICKUP_WEAPON Yes Bang bang! Point and shoot
rpg_launcher rpg_launcher RPG Launcher p_rpg 1 ui_hud_inv_w_rpg Weapons Special PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 10000 Bang bang! Point and shoot
rpg_projectile _ _ p_rpgprojectile 1 Cutscene/Mission No
samurai_sword samurai_sword Samurai Sword p_samurai_sword 1 ui_hud_inv_w_samarai Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 100
satchel satchel Satchel Charge p_SatchelCharge 1 ui_hud_inv_w_satchelcharge Weapons Thrown PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 1000 collide_as_capsule
satchel1 satchel Satchel Charge p_schlchgremote 1 Weapons Thrown PICKUP_WEAPON No collide_as_capsule
SatchelBarrel satchel_barrel _ barrelflammable Cutscene/Mission No
scr_Cigarrette _ _ scr_cigarrette Life No
scr_DigitalCamera _ _ scr_slrcamera Life No
scr_jackhammer jackhammer jackhammer scr_jackhammer Life No collide_all
scr_Notepad _ _ scr_Notepad Life No
scr_Pencil _ _ scr_pencil Life No
scr_ProtestBurning _ _ scr_protestburning Life No
scr_ProtestUltor _ _ scr_protestultor Life No
scr_ProtestViolence _ _ scr_protestviolence Life No
scr_video_camera _ _ scr_video_camera Cutscene/Mission No dont_drop_from_prop
search_light _ _ search_lt 1 System No
search_light_base _ _ search_lt_base 1 System No
Shank _ _ Shank Life No
shock_paddles shock_paddles Shock Paddles p_shockpaddles 1 ui_hud_inv_w_shockpaddles Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON No
shoppingbag _ _ shopbagclosed 1 Life No keep use_pickup no_auto_destroy collide_all
ShoppingKart _ _ shoppingkart Life No
signSlow _ _ sign_slow Life No
silenced pistol _ _ silenced_pistol Cutscene/Mission No
Skateboard _ _ skateboard 1 Life No
SketchPad _ _ stetchpad Life No
SKR-9 SKR-9 SKR-9 Threat p_skr-9 1 ui_hud_inv_w_skr9 Weapons Sub_Machine_Gun PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 2000
sledgehammer sledgehammer Sledgehammer p_SledgeHammer 1 ui_hud_inv_w_sledgehammer Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 125
slrcamera BONG Bong slrcamera Other 100 Camera
smoke_grenade smoke_grenade Smoke Grenade p_smokebomb ui_hud_inv_w_smokegrenade
sniper_clip _ _ p_snipermag 1 Weapons Clips PICKUP_WEAPON No
SodaCupPlastic _ _ sodacupplastic 1 Life No
sp_apc01 wep_mounted_gun Mounted .50 cal p_ar50rpg 1 Vehicle
sp_apc02 wep_mounted_gun Mounted .50 cal p_ar50rpg 1 Vehicle
sp_novelty01 wep_water_spray Water Spray p_ar50rpg 1 Vehicle
spike_strip _ _ spikestrip 1 Cutscene/Mission No
spliff SPLIFF Spliff p_spliff ui_hud_inv_d_spliff Drugs/Food The weakest form of weed, mostly pencil shavings and oregano. This is the stuff you used to get back in middle school.
SpoonPrison _ _ spoonPrison Life No
spraypaint spraypaint spray paint p_spraypaint 1 Cutscene/Mission No
Squeegee _ _ squeegee 1 Life No
steaming_kabob kabob Kabob gyro 1 ui_hud_inv_f_cog_kabob Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug A styrofoam cup of any delicious cola beverage.
strange_egg_roll DRUG_EGG_ROLL_NAME Strange Egg Roll eggroll 1 ui_hud_inv_f_phuc_egg Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug A tasy egg roll. Not sure what's in it, but it sure tastes good!
StrongBox _ _ strongbox Cutscene/Mission No
stun_gun stun_gun Stun Gun p_stungun 1 ui_hud_inv_w_stungun Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 200 Glock
sum_old_guy DRUG_OLD_GUY_NAME Sum Old Guy eggroll 1 ui_hud_inv_f_phuc_sum_a Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug A great snack aged to perfection.
sum_yung_guy DRUG_YUNG_GUY_NAME Sum Yung Guy eggroll 1 ui_hud_inv_f_phuc_sum_b Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug A great snack straight from the cook.
suv_4dr_luxury05 wep_mounted_gun Mounted .50 cal p_ar50rpg 1 Vehicle
TakeOutBag _ _ TakeOutBag Life No
tec9 tec9 T3K Urban p_tec9 1 ui_hud_inv_w_tek9 Weapons Sub_Machine_Gun PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 1000 Bang bang! Point and shoot
test_donut _ _ p_doughnut 1 Test No
test_tireA01 _ _ w_tirea01 Test No
the_fist DRUG_FIST_NAME The Fist BurgerA 1 ui_hud_inv_f_burger Drugs/Food give_drugs No is_drug A pound and a half of meat, tomatoes, onions and hot spicy brown mustard. This big-ass burger is huge.
tire_iron tire_iron Crowbar p_tire_iron 1 ui_hud_inv_w_crowbar Weapons Melee PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 20 One-handed bash weapon
truck_2dr_fire01 wep_water_spray Water Spray p_ar50rpg 1 Vehicle
truck_2dr_septic01 wep_truck_2dr_septic_01 Septic Spray p_ar50rpg 1 ui_hud_inv_w_spray Vehicle
TVremote _ _ TVremote Cutscene/Mission No
twelve_gauge twelve_gauge 12 Gauge p_dblb_shotgun 1 ui_hud_inv_w_dbbarrell Weapons Shotgun PICKUP_WEAPON Yes 1500 Sawed-off DBL Barrel Shotgun
umbrella _ _ parasol 1 Life No keep use_pickup no_auto_destroy collide_all dont_drop_from_prop
umbrella2 _ _ umbrellaf2 1 Life No keep use_pickup no_auto_destroy
umbrella3 _ _ umbrellaf3 1 Life No keep use_pickup no_auto_destroy
video_camera BONG Bong video_camera 1 ui_hud_inv_w_fist Cutscene/Mission 1500 dont_drop_from_prop Bang bang! Point and shoot
VooDooDoll _ _ voodoodoll Cutscene/Mission No dont_drop_from_prop
walker _ _ walker 1 Life No is_walker
WaterBottle _ _ waterbottle 1 Life No
WaterBucket _ _ WaterBucket Life No
waterCan _ _ waterCan Life No
winebottle _ _ bottlewine Life No
wirelessMic _ _ micB Life No
XS-2 xs-2 XS-2 Ultimax p_Ultimax 1 ui_hud_inv_w_xs2 Weapons Shotgun PICKUP_WEAPON No

Improvised weaponsEdit


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