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452 March 22, 2013 User blog:452

Requesting feedback, please respond, or take the poll

Since the old User Group pages are confusing, I've decided to overhaul them again to make them much more useful, and integrated with the new user infobox.

In case you haven't noticed, everyone now has a shiny new blank user infobox on your user page, feel free to fill it out at your leisure. When you fill it out, you will automatically be added to the Project Task Forces relevant to your indicated interests.

Our old User Group page is Saints Row Wiki:User Groups, and there is some historical discussion on Saints Row Wiki talk:User Groups.

That User Groups page on this wiki has been here for a long time, and has had a lot of changes. It started out in 2009 as a place for people to just say "I want to be in the Los Brothers of Oiran gang!" and didn't actually have a purpose.

It was re-purposed over a year ago, because User Groups (AKA Projects, or Task Forces) on wikis are usually dedicated to editing and maintaining specific sections of the wiki, such as focusing on all store articles to ensure all purchasable items are listed, or ensuring all related articles have a common layout.

User:Moozipan Cheese is a one-man mission User Group, having completely overhauled all mission pages for both Saints Row and Saints Row 2, with very little help. Obviously others had previously contributed to those pages, and he kept some of the previous content, but I don't think there's a single paragraph on any mission page which he didn't at least re-arrange.
When he was just starting, he posted a mission layout guide, so that others could help, but he ended up doing it all himself.

I haven't really been using the user-groups page, as I wanted people to form their own groups and manage themselves, but I realise that I probably should have posted about my own weapons infobox project on the weapons user group page, amongst other things I've mostly been doing by myself.

The new user groups can be found under Category:Task Force (now Category:to-do)

As well as linking the new {{user}} to the user groups, I have also updated all the items on the To-do list with a template, with a parameter indicating the related project, so that the To-do list items are also listed on Project pages. This is dynamic, whenever an item is added to the to-do list, it is automatically listed on each project page.

All of this has now been implemented, but I'd like some feedback.

I've been checking other wikis for some ideas of how other people do things, but haven't found any good, active, examples.

1. What should we call them?
User Groups, User groups, usergroups, Projects, Task Forces, or something else? Different wikis use different names, but if we're going to do a overhaul anyway, we may as well consider renaming them "Projects" as a fresh start.
2. Names of each group
Do you agree that it's a better idea to name the groups after the focus? "User Group/Vice Kings" v "User Group/Missions". I kept the gang name as that was how it was originally, but I think it would be better use the "User Group/Missions" format. After all, you can still specify your favorite gang in your user infobox.
3. Do you like how it's easier to join a group, just by filling out the user infobox?
4. What do you want from user groups?
5. I'd also like general feedback on the new user group pages.

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