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452 August 12, 2011 User blog:452
This is an old blog post about the older user group overhaul.
For the second user group overhaul, see User blog:452/User Groups 2013
For the third user group overhaul, see User blog:452/User Groups 2015

I have overhauled the Saints Row Wiki:User Groups page.
Anyone who was previously listed on that page as being in a particular usergroup has been removed and must re-add themself.

I have defined 11 areas of focus, and luckily there are 11 different enemy gangs in the Saints Row series, so each usergroup can have the name of a Gang.

Membership in a usergroup is not compulsory, but if you have an interest in a particular part of the Saints Row series, or in improving certain sections of this wiki, usergroups will help organise and communicate with people with similar interests.

The reason for this overhaul is that there has been no organisation or purpose for the usergroups since it was created, and no-one really knew what the page was for, so I have looked at how usergroups work on other wikia's, in particular the Rainbox Six Wiki's Usergroup page, and followed their lead.

The 11 areas of focus are:

  • Geography Group (Districts, Neighborhoods, Buildings, Locations)
  • Arms Army (Weapons)
  • Transport Team (Vehicles)
  • Character Crew (Characters, Gangs)
  • Activity Arrangers (Activities)
  • Missionaries (Missions)
  • Multiplayer Masters (Multiplayer, Co-op and Deathmatch)
  • Secret Society (Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Achievements, Cheats)
  • Gameplay Gurus (Customization, Controls, User Interface)
  • Cleanup Crew (Watching pages requiring cleanup)
  • Picture Patrol (Taking Screenshots, articles without images, adding unused images)

These are just the names I have chosen for the areas of focus, and have not been assigned to any Gang names yet.

See Saints Row Wiki:User Groups for more info, and to add yourself to a usergroup.

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