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Posted by 452 on 2012-07-03 02:47:38

There are 2 new polls and a new dedicated poll list which lists all polls, which will be added to that page instead of having individual News updates for them.

Recent PollsEdit

Poll : Top 10 list:Showdown - SR2 v SRTT

Did you like Saints Row: The Third?

Poll : Top 10 list:Most important

What's the most important area of this wiki that should be improved? The results of this poll will 100% influence article improvement.

Poll : Top 10 list:Protagonist capitalisation

How do you think the protagonist should be capitalised?

  • The correct way, according to multiple sources, is "the protagonist".
  • Since it is the only term we call the protagonist, it is permissible to use "the Protagonist".
  • One very good reason to use "The Protagonist" is because "The General" is always used in-game.
Poll : Top 10 list:Creating articles

What should we do about Special:WantedPages?

Wiki PoliciesEdit

There's now a Saints Row Wiki:Mission statement page, which was originally written over a year ago and contains the general principles of this wiki.

The Policy page has been updated, as well as the Manual of Style and Article Formatting pages.

  • You don't need to memorise those pages. They're just there for reference.
  • No-one will ever get in trouble if they do something different to what's outlined on those pages.
  • Those pages are works in progress and are often reworded for clarity.
  • All policies are open for discussion.

One page that everyone should read is Help:Community guidelines, which contains a basic overview of wiki policies.

452, 2012-07-03T02:47:38Z (last edited: 452, 2016-07-19T22:11:41Z)

wow! why is this wiki so dead?
RussianEngineer, 2012-07-29T01:28:42Z
I'd guess short attention spans. There are thousands of daily visitors, I figure most of them get the information they need and leave.
I've tried to put cleanup tags and such in articles to encourage people to edit them, as well as making the to-do list, but I figure most people would rather just get back playing the game.
Funny thing is, I first came here to find out information on unlockables, and when I found the info was wrong, I changed it - if the information on unlockables had been correct, I would never have started editing here.
The better this wiki becomes, the less reason there is for people to help out.
Additionally, before I joined here, there was a general negative opinion of this wiki due to a problem with the former administration.
While I've done my best to fix the problems of the past, I have no idea if that has fixed the reputation of this wiki.
If you want to work on publicity for the wiki, feel free. I'm personally more interested in improving the wiki than drumming up new editors myself, but I have no problem with others spreading the word.
One thing you can try to do in order to get people to come to the wiki is answer questions on forums with info from this wiki, and link back to the page you found the information - this is what I used to do, but it just took up too much time.
452, 2012-07-29T01:40:24Z
I do think that we should advertise this wiki on more popular ones, like CoD wiki and BF wiki
RussianEngineer, 2012-07-29T19:48:49Z
I don't see any way in which that would be possible without spamming.
452, 2012-07-29T20:02:49Z
naw. just one post, and on a busy blog. people always reply to each other, because there are hundreds of them.  :D
RussianEngineer, 2012-07-29T22:57:01Z

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