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452 July 3, 2012 User blog:452

There are 2 new polls and a new dedicated poll list which lists all polls, which will be added to that page instead of having individual News updates for them.

Recent Polls

Poll : Top 10 list:Showdown - SR2 v SRTT

Did you like Saints Row: The Third?

Poll : What should be improved?

What's the most important area of this wiki that should be improved? The results of this poll will 100% influence article improvement.

Poll : Protagonist name

How do you think the protagonist should be capitalised?

  • The correct way, according to multiple sources, is "the protagonist".
  • Since it is the only term we call the protagonist, it is permissible to use "the Protagonist".
  • One very good reason to use "The Protagonist" is because "The General" is always used in-game.
Poll : Creating articles

What should we do about Special:WantedPages?

Wiki Policies

There's now a Saints Row Wiki:Mission statement page, which was originally written over a year ago and contains the general principles of this wiki.

The Policy page has been updated, as well as the Manual of Style and Article Formatting pages.

  • You don't need to memorise those pages. They're just there for reference.
  • No-one will ever get in trouble if they do something different to what's outlined on those pages.
  • Those pages are works in progress and are often reworded for clarity.
  • All policies are open for discussion.

One page that everyone should read is Help:Community guidelines, which contains a basic overview of wiki policies.

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