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Posted by User452 on 2012-05-05 18:13:53

There have been a bunch of behind the scenes updates that will benefit everyone.

Full Vehicle Details, a Quote index, updated random articles, featured article summaries, dynamic cleanup lists, section transclusion, thin floating galleries.

Dynamic ListsEdit

  • The Index has been overhauled, and is now completely dynamic, which means it's always up to date.
  • All of the {{Random}} templates have also been updated to be dynamic.

Both the Index, and the Random Templates function due to our very detailed Category system. Categories may not interest you, but it's very important that all articles are correctly categorised.

Featured ArticlesEdit

We also now have a Featured Article area on the main page, the displayed Featured Article is randomly selected from all Gold-rated Articles.

If you would like to nominate an article to be featured, add {{rating}} to the bottom of the article.

Cleanup listsEdit

The maintenance categories have always existed, but the category pages have now been updated with dynamic lists, as well as the reason it is listed.

Category:Active Discussions
A list of pages with open discussions
Category:Image requests
A list of articles with specific image requests
A list of articles with problems
Category:Reference requests
A list of facts without references, such as to specific missions

Since these pages show the reasons given in these templates, it's now important to remember to include a reason when using these templates.

As always, Saints Row Wiki:Templates has a list of templates which can be used in articles.

Section TransclusionEdit

A little technical, but it is now possible to add a label to a section of one article, and include that section in another article.

  • Marking: <section begin=sectionlabel />section text<section end=sectionlabel />
  • Including: {{#lst:articlename|sectionlabel}} or {{#section:articlename|sectionlabel}}
  • edit: Now {{section|articlename|sectionlabel}} only

One possible use for this is to include DLC achievements on multiple pages.

edit: This is also used for Homie conversations, Audio Logs and Newscasts

Thin GalleriesEdit

I've enabled custom Thin galleries, which are useful for floating a slideshow to the right of text in an article.

Instead of

<gallery type="slideshow" widths="300px" position="right" style="width:200px !important;" class="thin">


{{gallery|type=float|class=thin|widths=400|style=width:250px !important;|{{#!:
Image1.png|Caption 1
Image2.jpg|Caption 2
}} }}

The "widths" variable sets the width and height of the actual image, while the "width:" variable sets the width of the gallery box, without effecting the height.

Vehicle detailsEdit

I've updated Vehicles in Saints Row: The Third to include all relevant vehicle statistics.

I've also updated:

452 - 2012-05-05 18:13:53

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