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Updates 2011-07

452 July 9, 2011 User blog:452

There have been several updates recently.

Random Articles

I have added a new section to the main page, a list of random articles.
Area: Bavogian Plaza
Building: Shipwreck Cove
Weapon: Testicular Assault
Vehicle: Jackrabbit
Gang: SNG
Character: Marvin
Mission: Matt's Back
Activity: Telekinesis Rift

Gallery categories

Today I have enabled gallery view of categories, which also allows you to sort articles in the category by Alphabetical, Recently Edited, or Most Visited
If you would prefer to view the list of categories, you can do so by clicking the "Category List view" icon, to the right of the sorting drop-down box.
The image gallery works best for categories where most articles have images, such as Category:Weapons in Saints Row. There is currently a bug where viewing Template categories does not show anything in gallery view, but you can still switch to list view.


And I have also enabled chat, which can be accessed at Special:Chat. I'll be idling in there, feel free to drop in.

Image request template

I have recently created a {{image}} template, which can be used to request that an image be added to an article, see the template documentation page for usage details.
If you would like to help add requested image, you can look at the Image requests category.

Quote template

There is also a new {{Quote}} template, which can be used to put a quote at the top of a character page.

Ref template

Today I have added a new {{ref}} template, which is another way of adding citations to an article.
Normally, you would add a reference like this: <ref name="refname">reference</ref>
but you can now do it this way instead: {{ref|refname|reference}}.
See the template documentation page for more usage details.

As requested previously, please include references where ever possible, whether it is for things which happened in a particular mission in the game, or for things that are announced on websites.
Including sources helps verify that what you have added is true, and helps reduce vandalism.

New page layout

To help new users, I have updated the default page layout with a rough outline.

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