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452 November 27, 2011 User blog:452

The lead up to SR:TT has been a good learning exercise.

I now know that it is not enough to assume that a good Samaritan will come along to provide a link when a citation for a fact is needed.

Users who add pre-release facts must be cajoled into adding a link to the source of their information at the time, or it will never happen.

Once the game comes out, no-one is going to try to fill in those gaps and link to the trailer, and most facts needing citations pre-release will simply be removed.

As such, I will be making it a point of policy that no pre-release information about Saints Row 4, or about SR3:DLC will be permitted without a link, and any uncited information will be immediately removed.

edit: Case in point the "Kia" was created before the game came out, "Citation Needed" tags were added to it, but no references were added. Today, after the release of the game all of the fact tags were removed, and the original source for that information will never be added to the article. (-user452 03:05, November 28, 2011 (UTC))

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