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Update: Random trivia is now implemented though {{Trivia}}, so each trivia line is located in each article, instead of all on one page.

If you want to add a trivia item to the rotation, feel free to add the template yourself, or you can post it as a comment here and I'll add it.

To be counted as trivia, it should be:

  • Something in-game
  • Something that isn't obvious
  • Something that is written in an article, so the answer can link to the article

Here's a randomly generated trivia item:

Random Trivia
Which vehicle has more doors than seats? (Answer)

Original post containing outdated info.

We're always looking to update our trivia template, but it's a massive task to look through all of the articles in order to find interesting trivia to add.

If you have some Trivia you think is relevant, feel free to add it to the template yourself, or you can post it as a comment here and I'll add it to the template.

You can go to {{Random/Trivia}} and click "edit" in order to see the full list of trivia, which will give you an idea of the type of stuff we are looking for.
Please be aware that commonly known facts are not trivia, "Who is the voice of Julius" is not really a good question, neither is "What is X based upon?".

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Saint row figther 44, 2012-01-27T16:47:49Z
Regarding trivia in general, I think you need to add that it shouldn't be in the main body of the article; for example, if in the article it says someone dies, "trivia: someone dies" is pretty useless. Also, I think we should discourage "this is the first / second / third / etc..." or "this is the only..." trivia, they're almost never anything interesting.
Regarding the template, I don't really like the formatting; apart from anything else, almost every browser will display where the link goes when you hover over it. I think it would be better to just have the trivia notes as complete thoughts with "Did you know..." above them (to use the current one as an example; "Did you know...That the Forklift is the only vehicle in Saints Row which cannot be obtained without cheats?")
Evil Tim, 2012-01-27T19:25:08Z
Trivia doesn't have to be interesting.
That's certainly a good point about the formatting. Taking into account that the general idea of the trivia is to get people to visit articles they might not otherwise visit, there's a slightly higher chance of someone clicking through to the article the way it is. Anyone who wants to know but doesn't want to click can just hover for the answer.
452, 2012-01-28T01:02:15Z
More trivia!
The guys at volition must love The Karate Kid and Passenger 57. We saw the Snipes 57 airplane in SR2 and now we have Wesley Cutter International Arport (Wesley Snipes's character in Passenger 57 was named John Cutter.).
"You're The Best Around" from The Karate Kid soundtrack is plays on 107.77: The Mix and the KA-1 Kobra pistol is obviiously a play on words in reference to the Cobra Kai dojo., 2012-02-01T15:18:18Z
Those things definitely belong in the trivia sections of those articles.
452, 2012-02-01T15:37:27Z
Related discussion: Template talk:Random/Trivia
452, 2012-09-24T01:06:30Z

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