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As some may have noticed, the titles for most things in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV are in uppercase. This includes weapons, vehicles, clothing and mission titles. Almost everything. In many cases it's not a big deal, as the proper capitalisation is obvious: First letter uppercase.

However, mission titles often contain words that should be lowercase, especially when you look at the mission titles in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

The follow words have appeared in lowercase in mission/cutscene titles:

  • all - lower once. never upper.
  • an - lower once. never upper.
  • and - lower 10 times. never upper.
  • my - lower once. never upper.
  • of - lower 10 times. never upper.
  • the - lower 30 times. never upper.
  • with - lower once. never upper.
  • a - lower 7 times. upper 2 times.
  • for - lower 1 times. upper 2 times.
  • in - lower 7 times. upper 2 times.
  • is - lower once. upper once.
  • on - lower 2 times. upper once.
  • to - lower 13 times. upper 4 times.

Titles of note:

  • So a Gang Leader Walks In A Bar... - uses a and A in the same sentence.
  • "We Need To Talk" - title used twice, but uses "to" in Saints Row, but uses "To" in Saints Row 2.
  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do... - uses both Is and To in upper.

See: Wikipedia: Title case for a bunch of info.
I believe we should follow the 4th example: "The Vitamins are in my Fresh California Raisins"

Full list of mission and cutscene titles: (Single word and irrelevant titles removed)

  • MSN_RSS01_DISPLAY_NAME = Rising of the Dead
  • MSN_RSS02_DISPLAY_NAME = Freedom
  • MSN_RSS03_DISPLAY_NAME = Liberty
  • MSN_RSS04_DISPLAY_NAME = And and Justice for all...
  • MSN_RSS05_DISPLAY_NAME = Zombies of Samedi
  • MSN_RSS06_DISPLAY_NAME = Law of the Urban Jungle

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