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I propose putting a "Tips" section in mission articles between the "Gameplay" and "Rewards" sections.

There is already a dedicated Tips article, and many Activities articles already have a Tips section, although it's usually directly above the Trivia.

The Gameplay section is intended to describe the gameplay portion of each mission, basically everything that the player is required to do themselves. In mission articles, Tips generally end up in this section, and sometimes in the Trivia section, however I think that it would help more if they were in a separate section. This would also give the convenient opportunity to link to the Tips article, in the form of a ":Main article: Tips" line at the top of that section.

In particular, this would give readers a better idea of what to read when they're stuck. Such as "Shoot the guy with the rocket launcher first, as the rocket is a one-shot kill."

I personally don't like "Tips" sections, but there seems to be no way to avoid them in activities articles, and I dislike random subjective tips scattered in the gameplay section even less. Advice on how to complete difficult missions is often subjective, and a dedicated section for subjective hints is better than subjective hints in the gameplay section, and will encourage others to add their own advice.

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Agreed; but instead of a simple list like this:
  • Shoot a guy with a RPG Launcher first
  • Destroy a pursuing vehicle after exiting the building
  • Complete Basejumping to not take damage from falling
it should list all objectives with associated tips if needed (let's use the "Jailbreak" mission as an example):
Kill the doctor
  • Grab him as a Human Shield and quickly execute him for easy kill
Kill the guards
  • Grab each guard as a Human Shield and execute them or use Improvised Weapons to kill them faster
and so on.
TheMoonLightman, 2014-10-14T06:02:54Z
Each Gameplay section also needs to be reformatted like that already, so it might be a little excessive to have both sections broken up into each objective - but we can certainly try it out.
The main purpose of the Tips section in activity articles is to avoid common tips being repeated in every article, and to only include very specific tips.
So the Human Shield example in particular should be added to Tips, and shouldn't be listed for separate objectives.
Edit: With the Kill the doctor objective specifically, I would reword it in the gameplay section as:
Kill the doctor
The doctor is unarmed, and can be killed with melee attacks, by taking him as a Human Shield, or by using a Improvised Weapon such as the IV stand.
This way, it avoids being a "tip" specifically. It's possible that rewording all objectives like this might avoid needing a tips section at all, and perhaps the Tips link can be changed to
See Tips for general gameplay hints at the top of the gameplay section instead of the Tips section.
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What do you think about the Tips in Jailbreak?
Do you think we should try it with the Tips moved below each Objective?
Here's ...and a Better Life, with a Tips section, and with Tips merged into gameplay
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For the record, the difference between "Gameplay", "Tips" and "Trivia" is:
  • Gameplay is for the objectives of the mission, and information about completing those objectives.
  • Tips are for non-essential things that help complete the mission.
  • Trivia is for everything else, including things which make the mission harder/longer, such as things you could do during the mission that are irrelevant to completing it.
Examples from the newly updated Jailbreak:
  • Gameplay: "The first objective is killing the doctor in the room, either using hand to hand combat or with an Improvised Weapon." - Objective, and how it could be achieved.
  • Tip: "The fastest way to kill the Doctor is by a Human Shield Kill" - A non-essential fact, which helps complete the mission faster.
  • Trivia: "Carlos can kill the Doctor, although there is a note in the game data file that he is not supposed to be able to do so" - Definitely not something that "helps" complete the mission.
Later in the gameplay section is a note that a marked kill cannot be taken as a Human Shield, this is in the gameplay section because it is regarding an objective: specifically that you cannot complete the objective in this way.
452, 2015-01-04T17:21:01Z

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