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This discussion is related to the Mission to-do list.


I propose putting a "Tips" section in mission articles between the "Gameplay" and "Rewards" sections.

There is already a dedicated Tips article, and many Activities articles already have a Tips section, although it's usually directly above the Trivia.

The Gameplay section is intended to describe the gameplay portion of each mission, basically everything that the player is required to do themselves. In mission articles, Tips generally end up in this section, and sometimes in the Trivia section, however I think that it would help more if they were in a separate section. This would also give the convenient opportunity to link to the Tips article, in the form of a ":Main article: Tips" line at the top of that section.

In particular, this would give readers a better idea of what to read when they're stuck. Such as "Shoot the guy with the rocket launcher first, as the rocket is a one-shot kill."

I personally don't like "Tips" sections, but there seems to be no way to avoid them in activities articles, and I dislike random subjective tips scattered in the gameplay section even less. Advice on how to complete difficult missions is often subjective, and a dedicated section for subjective hints is better than subjective hints in the gameplay section, and will encourage others to add their own advice.

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