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Posted by 452 on 2013-04-17 13:10:45

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It just occurred to me that we don't have an article concerning upgrading stronghold cribs in Saints Row: The Third.

There's a small section on Cribs, but no great details.

I don't even remember what it's called in-game.

What the page needs:

  • Details of each upgrade
  • Screenshots of each upgrade from each crib. (The UI screen)
  • Screenshots of the interior at each stage (Are they identical? Edit: yes)
  • Screenshots of the exterior at each stage (Especially the changes)

452, 2013-04-17T13:10:45Z (last edited: 452, 2015-02-01T03:17:44Z)

The interiors are the same at all levels of the stronghold. I find wierd it that there are civilian and hos in them. Also its a little lazy of them to use the same interior for every Saints stronhold. 
El Ieuan, 2013-04-17T18:10:54Z
I agree about it being lazy, I wish they had kept a casino theme, a brothel theme and a cyberpunk theme for each of them!
I liked the Saints Row 2 crib upgrades better, but I guess it didn't really fit with SRTT since they got rid of Style bonuses.
452, 2013-04-17T20:43:38Z (last edited: 452, 2013-04-17T20:43:49Z)
Hopefully they do better with Stronghold/cribs in IV. Also i wonder why 3 Count has gone back to Luchadore style in the trailer. There atuomactcly upgraded to Saints style after there mission so i wonder.
El Ieuan, 2013-04-18T19:32:14Z
I imagine it's because what we saw in the trailer is the "virtual reality steelport", apparently the aliens created it before the Saints moved into town.
(All of the "super powers" in the trailer are supposed to be in virtual reality. We don't know yet if any part of the game takes part in the "real Steelport")
452, 2013-04-18T19:36:52Z

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