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Posted by 452 on 2013-03-16 20:34:40

Again: Spoilers are fine, but must be properly referenced, and located in the appropriate section of relevant articles.

The events of missions should first be added to mission articles. Feel free to create them if they do not exist.

Do not add mission events to character articles if the mission article does not exist, and do not add the entire walkthrough of the mission to a character article in lieu of creating the mission article itself.

Here's a reminder summary of the Saints Row Wiki's policies regarding information about upcoming games, spoilers, and speculation.

This is a follow up to Forum:Upcoming_games


Saying "No Spoilers" on a site which claims to be "The most comprehensive Saints Row information archive" would be ridiculous.

"Spoilers alerts" have no place here. This wiki should contains all information, therefore it should be assumed that it contains spoilers.

The only policy we have regarding spoilers is that spoilers only be posted in relevant places.

Adding info about Johnny Gat's death to the Forklift article is wrong, but there's no problem with that information being added to any articles directly related to it, such as the Johnny Gat and I'm Free - Free Falling.
Essentially, someone looking for information about Saints Row should be able to safely browse the site without learning about the events of Saints Row 2.
Those people should be able to read the Saints Row sections of the Johnny Gat and never learn his fate. If they choose to read the Saints Row: The Third article, that is their own choice.

(Fun fact: This policy is largely in response to places like Lostpedia, who think it's fine to mention the events of later episodes in articles.)


Speculation is pointless. Plain and simple. There's plenty actual information which still needs to be added to this wiki, so why add maybes? It's not going to change anything, and you won't get any points for guessing correctly.

Rumours are equally pointless most of the time. If a developer hints about something on twitter, then simply state that he said it on twitter (with a link), don't speculate about what it may or may not mean. (After it's known, that's a different matter)

If something is unknown, such as "Is it unknown whether Dex appears in Saints Row IV", you do not need to add it to an article. The fact that Dex isn't mentioned in the Saints Row IV article is good enough.
In some cases, such as the Kia article, the correct way to state "her fate is unknown" is to say that "what happened to Kia at the end of Three Way was not shown, and she did not appear in the following mission". Speculating that he may or may not have died is not necessary.


After a game is released, anyone can play it and verify random facts, so citations aren't needed for many things. Right now, the only source of information is websites, trailers and images. Therefore any, and all, information added about Saints Row IV should be accompanied with a link to the source of the information, and an image if the source of information is an image or video.

Simply saying "X was shown in an image/video" is not good enough.
Linking to the source allows anyone on the wiki to verify the information, and ensure it isn't something that someone has made up.

Due to a history of false information being added, and the ease at which someone can just add false information to the wiki, anything regarding Saints Row IV which does not have a reference will be immediately removed.

Most times when people are adding information, they have the source of the information open in another tab, so link to it.
Very specifically:
  • The sentence "X is seen in the Y trailer" should be accompanied with a screenshot of the Y trailer, clearly showing X".
  • The sentence "LameGameReporter said that blah blah blah" should be accompanied with a link to the where they said that.
We all get things wrong sometimes. Yesterday, I added that the Atlasbreaker appeared in the teaser video, but when I went to make a screenshot to upload, I realised that it wasn't actually the Atlasbreaker, it was a new monster truck. This is why screenshots should always be added as proof.

Official sourcesEdit

Use the original, official, sources of information.

If your mother tells you she heard a rumour that LameGameReporter posted how they heard from a random guy at Comic Con that there was an official announcement, do not credit the your mother for telling you. Find the original announcement.

If there is a Press Release, link to the official Press Release, or at the very least a verbatim quote of the offical Press Release, not some site which has cut it up. If LameGameReporter discusses a video they've rehosted and stuck their logo on, find the original source of the video. The same goes with images. Do not upload images with watermarks. Use Google Image Search to find a clean alternative.

Game news sites which post news as if it is exclusive they got direct from the developers are scum sucking plagiarists.
If you use a Game news site which does not cite the source of their information, you should find a better site.
Game news sites which add their own logo to promotional images are committing copyright infringement - they don't own the images, and have no right to slap their logo on it.


Use descriptive filenames. To put it in other words: describe the picture in the filename.

To use an actual example added today:

A file named "1.png" was uploaded, and added to an article with the caption: "The Protagonist in Saints Row IV"
A bunch better filename would be "The Protagonist in Saints Row IV.png"
Obviously there may be multiple files uploaded with that subject, so "The Protagonist in Saints Row IV 12345.png" is quite acceptable, but filenames should always at the very least contain the name of the article they are for, if not a full description of the picture.

Before Saints Row: The Third was released, we had a much more relaxed policy. All we did was tag new information with {{fact}}, and hoped that someone would add the source later.

That did not work. There are still many pre-release facts about SRTT which do not have sources. Every now and then, I notice something false that added pre-release that no-one ever removed.

This time, let's make sure that doesn't happen.

Additionally, we're always looking for new admins, I'd definitely like to add at least two before August. Anyone who make things easier for existing admins by adding references, removing unsourced facts and speculation, and using descriptive filenames will be considered - there's no application process, just be a great contributor and I will notice. :)

And when new information is released, anyone is welcome to make a post and add it to Category:Game News.

452, 2013-08-18T23:02:01Z (last edited: 452, 2015-05-05T12:11:31Z)

Any questions or comments about any policies are very welcome.
I'd be happy to explain anything in more detail, or to give more specific examples about why things are done this way.
452, 2013-03-16T20:34:40Z
How do you add the sources so that when you hover above them, it shows some text? 
The Supreme Diamond-Hooded Eagle, 2013-03-17T08:20:05Z
All references do that, when the references section isn't currently visible.
So for a short article, you won't see the pop-up.
452, 2013-03-17T13:23:27Z
Currently, Characters in Saints Row IV is a really good example how how a pre-release article should look, while Weapons in Saints Row IV is a really good example of how a pre-release article should definitely not look.
edit: this is outdated, I personally overhauled Weapons in Saints Row IV and added images for all weapons.
452, 2013-06-16T12:54:02Z
While reading some articles about Saints Row IV, I've noticed a couple of sites contain false information, because they're misinterpreting what has been shown in trailers.
This is a good reason why these "game news" sites should not be used as a reference if they're just talking about an official trailer.
One thing that almost every site is repeating is that you start the game as the President.
Bullshit. You become the President after the first mission.
  • In Saints Row, the player character begins the game as a non-affiliated civilian, who joins the Saints in the first mission.
  • In Saints Row 2, the player character begins the game in jail in a coma, with the Saints disbanded, waking up and escaping in the first mission. The player character can't really be said to be "the leader of the Saints" until after the fourth mission - because until then there are only two people in the gang.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, the player character begins the game as a celebrity, robbing a bank in Stilwater in the first mission and being taken to Steelport in the second mission, with the third mission taking place in Steelport.
  • In Saints Row IV, it is currently unknown how the player character begins the game - but it has been repeatedly stated that the first mission will explain they become the President.
  • In Saints Row IV, the player character begins the game as a celebrity, who is involved in an anti-terrorism operation, which is first mission of the game. The next mission is set 5 years later, after the character has been elected president.
452, 2013-06-20T19:07:46Z (last edited: 452, 2015-01-08T18:19:16Z)
Didn't help how I was looking at information on Viola and the ending of the fourth game was spoiled in one sentence as I was scrolling down. Whoever wrote that is an asshole so thanks for spoiling the ending., 2013-08-26T18:32:13Z
And when I say one sentence I mean it was just on its own. Take a look for yourself. Pretty mad here., 2013-08-26T18:33:54Z
Well, it is in the Saints Row IV section, so there's not really much we can do about it, unfortunately.
That's not the ending.
452, 2013-08-26T19:02:02Z
That's not the ending.
Moozipan Cheese, 2013-08-26T19:02:18Z
I mean it does sound like an ending, if it isn't then well sorry I guess., 2013-08-26T19:11:30Z
I mean it does sound like an ending, if it isn't then well sorry I guess., 2013-08-26T19:14:25Z

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