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Posted by 452 on 2013-04-09 15:51:25

As you can see, or will see as soon as your browser cache updates, I've updated the site style with a little more pizzazz.

I'd like some general feedback, do you like it, was it better the old way, have I completely wasted my time, did you even notice the difference?

If something doesn't look right, please let me know. Here, in the comments section of this post.
I've been testing it over the past few weeks and haven't run into any issues personally, but if you're finding something difficult to read, or just think something looks out of place, please leave a comment with your browser version and I'll look into it. (A screenshot of the problem would definitely help me understand and fix any issues you may have.)

Additionally, if you see anything which you think looks a little plain and I've forgotten to style, please let me know, and also feel free to make any additional suggestions of any way you think the general look can be improved

I've also updated the monobook style a little.

If any monobook users would like to further tweak the CSS, you can use your Special:Mypage/common.css to draft something, and I will add it to the site CSS.

If anyone who uses the site with a mobile device notices any problems, you should also let me know.

If anyone using the Game Guides app would like to update the categories or images, I'd be happy to give you access to Special:GameGuidesContent so you can work on it.

For those new to the wiki and wondering what it would look like without the custom stylesheet:

You can click Toggle CSS to toggle the site style on and off. (This change is not permanent and will only affect this page.)

If you would like to try this on other pages, go to Special:MyPage/wikia.js or Special:MyPage/monobook.js and add this:

$("#WikiaMainContent").prepend("<a href='javascript:toggleCSS()'>Toggle CSS</a>");

This will add a "Toggle CSS" link to the top of every page. 452, 2013-04-09T15:51:25Z (last edited: 452, 2015-09-18T18:52:23Z)

It is a lot more pleasant for my eyes now ! The skin of this Wiki used to be too much bright...
I like it that way, thanks !
Erewon, 2013-04-16T20:13:57Z
Thanks for the feedback. :)
452, 2013-04-16T21:02:02Z
looks good and i'm personally grateful for the monobook update, some wiki's monobook layouts are out dated/disorganised since the new wikia look(not a fan) came out.
Soul reaper magnum, 2013-04-27T18:45:26Z
If you notice any display problems with monobook that you'd like fixed, be sure to let me know!
If you like, you can edit your own Special:MyPage/monobook.css and play around with different styles, then let me know and I'll copy them over to be side-wide.
edit: You've probably also noticed I've updated the monobook sidebar menus - if there's any other links you think should be added, please let me know.
452, 2013-04-27T19:15:52Z (last edited: 452, 2013-04-27T19:17:36Z)
Oops, yesterday's style updates broke monobook a little. Nothing major, just a few things are plainer than they should be. I really wish the classes were the same for both!
452, 2013-05-17T17:02:12Z
Ok, fixed. Probably a little better than it was to begin with, although there are a couple of things which still needed to be updated at some point
452, 2013-05-17T18:23:58Z
Just a minor issue but on a mobile device (specifically iPhone) the front page looks odd.
Iphone front page landscape 2 column issue
Iphone front page landscape column issue
Iphone front page two column issue
Iphone front page column issue
On an iPad it's not as tightly packed as on an iPhone. No idea if you're going to work on a mobile layout or not but it'd be nice since I'll be able to update from E3 then.
Zadidoll, 2013-05-28T18:09:42Z (last edited: 452, 2016-06-13T11:27:07Z)
Thanks, I have noticed that problem while looking at
I'm not sure what the best way to fix it is. The main problem is that I don't have direct control over the mobile layout, as the mobile layout pretty much ignores most of the styling I can do.
I've just made a few changes, how does it look now?
452, 2013-05-28T18:17:42Z (last edited: 452, 2013-05-28T18:18:27Z)
Looks pretty much the same only now I have to scroll to the right to read things since it's not wrapping. Wikia really needs to allow admins to have access to the mobile layout since their default or whatever it is simply is not compatible with all mobile devices.
Zadidoll, 2013-05-28T18:25:58Z
Good news, take a look at the mobile site now. :)
How it currently looks is what happens if I just apply the entire site style to the mobile skin. some parts work, others don't, so it pretty much needs to be worked on from scratch.
Once you've had a look, I'm going to remove most of the styling. I can fix the main page, but I'm going to leave the rest unstyled unless there's anything else which you would specifically like fixed.
(If anyone has with some CSS experience, with a mobile device, and more interest in fixing the skin would like to work on it, let me know.)
452, 2013-05-28T18:48:02Z (last edited: 452, 2013-05-28T19:01:20Z)
over to the right side of the page the boxs for navigation,contributing,etc. have a purple box outline infront of them.
Soul reaper magnum, 2013-06-06T18:13:15Z
I'm not seeing any problems, what browser are you using, and can you take a screenshot?
452, 2013-06-06T18:22:07Z (last edited: 452, 2013-06-06T18:22:36Z)
i'm using internet explorer, and how do i take a sreenshot? i'v only done it once before and i can't remember how.
Soul reaper magnum, 2013-06-07T22:16:26Z
Press the "Prt Sc" (Print Screen) button on your keyboard. This copies a screenshot to the clipboard, then paste it into an image editing program. Mspaint will do.
Which version? I tested with IE8 yesterday, and didn't see a problem.
You should really try out either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox - the site looks much better with those browsers. (And probably in Opera and Safari too, although I haven't tested using them in a while.)
452, 2013-06-07T23:21:32Z and i use internet explorer 9
Soul reaper magnum, 2013-06-08T03:15:27Z
It's definitely not supposed to look like that, thanks for letting me know. I'll install IE9 on my win7 computer and do some testing.
Do the input boxes on this page look okay? The use a very similar style.
edit: Since I know the cause, I'll remove it for now until I do some testing.
452, 2013-06-08T04:06:29Z (last edited: 452, 2013-06-08T04:08:24Z)
I haven't installed IE9, but I've made some changes which should have fixed the problem.
452, 2013-06-08T04:47:57Z
yep, it's fixed
Soul reaper magnum, 2013-06-08T06:05:05Z
Excellent - thanks for letting me know! (About the problem itself, and that it's fixed.)
452, 2013-06-08T06:09:31Z (last edited: 452, 2013-06-08T06:09:48Z)
got a new problem i'm guessing the nav boxes arn't supossed to look like that?
Soul reaper magnum, 2013-06-14T07:00:02Z
Cheers - I should have seen that one myself.
It should be fixed now.
452, 2013-06-14T09:00:08Z
it's good
Soul reaper magnum, 2013-06-20T14:12:43Z
Excellent, thanks for the update!
452, 2013-06-20T18:18:18Z
I've been making a few other incremental improvements recently, some extra shadows and such, and today I've added underlines to lesser section headings to help them stand out a little better.
I wish I'd thought of that 2 years ago - I wish I'd bothered to work on the CSS this extensively 2 years ago as well, because it's really looking a lot better.
There's basically 2 main things that individual wikis are not allowed to change:
  • You can't hide or obscure the ads.
  • You can't hide anything that's there by default.
    • We have a policy that pages should only be created if they're linked, so it makes sense to hide the "create a new page" because people should only be creating pages by clicking links, but that isn't allowed.
    • You also can't resize the content area to take up the empty space - because that's for the ads.
A member of Wikia Staff dropped by to fix a style that was inadvertently blocking display of an advertisement. I take this as a sign that all of the rest of the recent customisations are fine. I've actually been dreading a Staff member visiting and telling us that something or other wasn't allowed.
If anyone has any suggestions about other minor improvements to the style, leave me a message, because you might think of a great idea.
And as always, if something looks weird - please let me know!
452, 2013-06-20T18:28:25Z
Monobook background now stretches when using a high resolution - instead of becoming tiny in the background.
452, 2013-07-31T14:23:14Z

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