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Posted by Seemorecox on 2014-03-24 22:56:32

In March, I posted a poll "Shortening DLC titles", with two options:

  • Use official titles only, no matter how long they are. (37 votes)
  • Shorten "Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare" to "Corporate Warfare" (And all similar titles) (2 votes)

Not a single person gave a reason for their vote. One person left a comment "Looks more proffesional." without stating which looks more professional.

Despite 37 voting for long titles, not a single person renamed "How the Saints Save Christmas" to "Saints Row IV: How the Saints Save Christmas", and every single person linking to it linked to "How the Saints Save Christmas" instead of "Saints Row IV: How the Saints Save Christmas"

This tells me that, in practice, people either prefer shorter titles, or don't care.

Therefore, this is an announcement that in one month from now, "Use short forms of DLC titles" will become policy unless people give reasons why it should not.

452, 2014-08-19T02:43:24Z (last edited: 452, 2014-09-14T18:15:51Z)

Looks more proffesional.
Seemorecox, 2014-03-24T22:56:32Z
What does?
452, 2014-03-24T22:57:50Z
I guess "official titles only" wins - this is the most surprising poll result yet.
452, 2014-06-21T12:38:04Z
Comments below this one were from the now-redirected poll.
452, 2014-08-19T02:45:36Z
It has now been almost 4 months without objection.
452, 2014-12-07T21:58:54Z

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