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Posted by 452 on 2013-02-06 23:33:42

Has anyone ever shot down a helicopter (of any kind) by shooting the rear rotors off?

Obviously if you shoot the tail of a helicopter for long enough, it will sustain enough normal damage and explode anyway - I'm talking about something special happening related to the rear rotor being shot off.

452, 2013-02-06T23:33:42Z (last edited: 452, 2015-01-28T16:29:35Z)

Hmm, in this game I believe rotors are just textures. They aren't a physical object; as I have parachuted onto a helicopter and stole it mid air before.
SentinelLyons, 2013-07-02T04:35:14Z
But rear rotors may still have a special "sweet spot" for damaging the helicopter.
452, 2013-07-02T13:47:15Z
Based on the VTOL damage model experience, if the rotors can be "shot off", then it should be possible to knock the rear rotors off and be in flight.  I don't believe this is possible with helicopters.
Zirephoenix, 2013-08-01T09:44:55Z
Yeah, it's the same with planes in SR2 (I'm not sure if the plane's wings can be shot off without destroying the plane itself in SR3 and SR4) and VTOLs, where losing wings will make the flight more difficult.
Speaking about helicopters I have had no luck shooting the rotors off in any SR game. Apparently the rotors are a part of the helicopter and it cannot be separated from the whole helicopter model because the rotor and its blades are invisible (that's why they do not collide with other solid objects like buildings, other vehicles, etc.) Tail rotor is also invisible and cannot be shot off (the tail apparently is also a part of the helicopter model and cannot be shot off, unlike different car parts).
The rotor head may be a solid part but chances are shooting it will simply put the helicopter on fire instead of shooting off the rotor head.
TheMoonLightman, 2015-01-28T04:18:32Z
Unmarking as active.
I asked this question because someone once claimed that you could, but I can't remember - or find - who said it or where. Neither tagged article (Oppressor/Tornado) mention the word "rotor", and didn't on the date I posted this question.
452, 2015-01-28T16:29:08Z

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