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Posted by 452 on 2013-12-29 22:39:41

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During a discussion in the chat with TheMoonLightman, and we realised that we don't know when the Shivington Fires go out.

After Burning Down the House, there is a cloud of smoke over Shivington, and multiple Blazes and firemen walking around the area. We both remembered that after a while, the smoke and fireman go away, but we're not sure when.

I thought that perhaps it was linked to a certain mission, but TheMoonLightman remembers completing the Sons of Samedi arc with the smoke still present.

An inspection of the game data files has come up empty: There is no second Shivington chunk swap, and the Blaze parking locations are not disabled by a script (unlike the Goliath spawn, which is enabled by a script).

There is already a precedent set by the Saints Hideout style upgrade for some changes to be hardcoded - in that case, the changes are linked to the mission counter, not a specific mission.

So, there are several possibilities:

  • Linked to a certain mission - seems unlikely, unless it's tied to the An Amazing Quarter.
  • Linked to the mission counter - seems unlikely, as BdtH could be the 31st mission played.
  • Linked to another statistic, such as time played - seems unlikely, but is still possible.

To test this really requires multiple full playthroughs of the game to be thorough.

Mission replays also need to be tested. The mission script for Burning down the House specifically handles replays, but other missions don't. It is likely that replaying an earlier mission while Shivington is burning will still have Shivington ablaze.

Result: It does not appear to be possible to cause a chunk spawn related glitch using mission replays.

Changes also need to be noted. One of the obvious changes is that the drug labs are inaccessible afterwards, but there are likely other smaller changes. I believe that when the fires "go out" and the smoke stops, that nothing else changes, but this should also be checked.

It is also possible that playing Burning down the House in a replay, and exiting using the replay in a replay glitch will cause Shivington to stay ablaze.

It is essential to save and reload the game after each mission

During my first test playthrough, the fires only went out after I saved and reloaded, so I do not actually know when they really went out.

Tests / ResultsEdit

These tests do not have to be followed "to the letter", they are more of a general idea of different paths to take in order to narrow down what causes the fires to go out.

Simply play through the game, and report when the fires go out for you. (Reload the autosave after completing each mission to verify the actual status of the fires)

Feel free to test anything in this list, even if it has already been tested.
Test Result
Complete Samedi Arc (first) Fires do not go out after The Shopping Maul (Tested by two users)
Play Burning down the House, then complete BH and RN arcs ? (Untested)
Complete BH and RN arcs first, then play through SS arc ? (Untested)
Complete missions evenly across all arcs Fires stopped after 36 missions (One Man's Junk) (tested by one user)
Complete all strongholds first (No changes seen so far)
Complete no strongholds (No changes seen so far)
Avoid Waste Not Want Not. When fires go out, reload and play Waste Not Want Not ? (Untested)
Avoid Assault on Precinct 31. When fires go out, reload and play Assault on Precinct 31 ? (Partially tested, result inconclusive.)
After fires go out, reload and do pushback instead. Fires did not go out. (Tested by one user)
After fires go out, reload and do stronghold instead. Fires did not go out. (Tested by one user)
After fires go out, reload and do alternate mission. Replaced The Enemy of my Enemy with Riot Control, fires did not go out. (Tested by one user)
4 tss + 11 bh + 10 rn + 10 ss (+Revelation) Fires did not go out after Assault on Precinct 31 (tested by one user)
4 tss + 11 bh + 10 rn + 11 ss (+Revelation) Fires did not go out after The Shopping Maul (tested by one user)
4 tss + 11 bh + 11 rn + 10 ss Fires went out after One Man's Junk... (tested by one user)
4 tss + 9 bh + 8 rn + 7 ss (+Revelation) Fires went out after The Enemy of my Enemy (tested by one user)
4 tss + 11 ss + 10 bh + 10 rn (+Revelation) ? (452 will test this next)
4 tss + 11 ss + 11 bh + 10 rn ?
4 tss + 11 rn + 10 ss + 10 bh (+Revelation) ?
4 tss + 11 rn + 11 ss + 10 bh ?
Do Burning Down the House, and all missions except The Enemy of my Enemy and One Man's Junk... ? (untested) (expected result: Fires should not go out.)
Do all missions except Burning Down the House, The Enemy of my Enemy and One Man's Junk..., then do Burning Down the House, followed by either of the others ? (untested) (expected result: Fires should go out immediately after either mission)
Do all missions except Burning Down the House, then complete Samedi Arc and Epilogue ? (untested) (Expected result: Fires should go out after Salting the Earth...Again)
(Additional tests/results to be added) ?

When do fires go out?Edit

The save game screen counts strongholds and missions together. Check the Statistics for separate counts. (Or simply avoid all strongholds)

Last mission Missions Strongholds Neighborhoods
One Man's Junk
4 tss + 11 rn + 11 bh + 10 ss
36 ? ?
Enemy of my Enemy
4 rss + 1 X + 9 bh + 8 rn + 7 ss
29 7 30

452, 2013-12-29T22:39:41Z (last edited: 452, 2015-02-01T03:18:08Z)

This is all really odd. I've managed to make Shivington stop burning by completing most of the missions of other gangs' arcs and it finally stopped burning after I've completed "One Man's Junk", though there was smoke, which disappeared after I reloaded the game. Here go the missions completed after "Burning Down the House":
  1. (Jailbreak)
  2. (Appointed Defender)
  3. (Down Payment)
  4. (Three Kings)
  5. (First Impressions)
  6. (Reunion Tour)
  7. (Waste Not Want Not)
  8. (Red Asphalt)
  9. (Bank Error in Your Favor)
  10. (Saint's Seven)
  11. (Laundry Day)
  12. (Road Rage)
  13. (Bleeding Out)
  14. (Orange Threat Level)
  15. (Got Dust, Will Travel)
  16. (File in the Cake)
  17. (Airborne Assault)
  18. (Veteran Child)
  19. (Burning Down the House)
  20. Thank You and Goodnight! (bh)
  21. Kanto Connection (rn)
  22. Bad Trip (ss)
  23. Retribution (bh)
  24. Visiting Hours (rn)
  25. Bonding Experience (ss)
  26. Jail Bait (bh)
  27. Room Service (rn)
  28. Riot Control (ss)
  29. The Enemy of my Enemy (bh)
  30. Rest in Peace (rn)
  31. Eternal Sunshine (ss)
  32. The Siege (bh)
  33. Good D (rn)
  34. Assault on Precinct 31 (ss)
  35. Showdown (bh)
  36. One Man's Junk (rn) (Shivington stopped burning)
Note: I've also completed Samedi "Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock" Stronghold right after "Burning Down the House" and 2 Pushbacks; just in case these also affect.
It would also be great if someone else replays the game and share their results.
(edit: gang notes added by 452 for reference)
(edit: adding other missions for reference)
TheMoonLightman, 2013-12-30T06:04:59Z (last edited: 452, 2014-01-24T02:46:22Z)
On page 3 of your Statistics, what does it say for "Number of missions completed"?
452, 2013-12-30T06:21:44Z (last edited: 452, 2013-12-30T06:21:54Z)
36 (without "The Shopping Maul" completed)
TheMoonLightman, 2013-12-30T06:30:23Z
Replay result: Shivington is burning during a replay of Appointed Defender.
452, 2013-12-30T07:41:38Z
Replaying Burning Down the House, then exiting using the Replay in a Replay glitch doesn't cause the Shivington to stay unburnt.
I haven't tested the pause glitch to exit it, I'm unsure if there's a time when it's possible during that mission.
452, 2013-12-30T07:48:25Z
Ok, I just completed my 36th mission, and the fires are still burning!
For reference: I've completed all missions except Showdown and One Man's Junk. The last mission I've done is The Shopping Maul. I've only completed all of the SoS strongholds.
  • Missions: 36
  • Strongholds: 6
  • Neighbourhoods: 35
I'm going to try doing the rest of the strongholds now.
We can definitely rule out:
  • SoS-arc-based - I've completed the arc, fires are still burning, you didn't complete the arc and the fires stopped.
  • Mission based - stopped at 36 missions for you, didn't stop at 36 missions for me.
It may be neighborhood based. I wish I'd saved before completing "Assault on Precinct 31" just now, because that's one of few missions which doesn't unlock a neighborhood, so we may need to use it to test.
It's also possible that it happens when 2 arcs have been completed - which is why I did The Shopping Maul first.
Due to not reloading the game after each mission, these conclusions may not be accurate.
452, 2013-12-30T22:50:48Z (last edited: 452, 2014-01-24T05:43:16Z)
Problem: I just reloaded my game from before The Shopping Maul. No smoke, no fire. 35 missions completed.
452, 2013-12-30T23:23:17Z
Okay, played the missions in a different order:
Fires are out after Enemy of my Enemy
29 missions / 7 strongholds / 30 neighborhoods.
  • 4 x TSS prologue
  • 9 x BH (Enemy of my Enemy)
  • 8 x RN (Room Service)
  • 7 x SS (Bonding Experience)
  • 1 x Revelation
  • 29 Missions.
  • 4 x Samedi
  • 1 x TSS
  • 1 x BH (Imperial Square Pagodas)
  • 1 x RN (Suburbs Strip Club)
edit: Reloaded before the 29th mission, (Enemy of my Enemy), and did a stronghold instead: the fires did NOT go out. So Strongholds may not count at all.
edit: Reloaded again before Enemy of my Enemy, and did a pushback. Due to being just before 30 Hoods, it unlocked Gang Customization Cars 3, but the fires did NOT go out. From this, I think Hoods can be ruled out as the cause.
Reloaded again before Enemy of my Enemy, and did Riot Control instead and the fires did NOT go out.
One thing which may or may not be relevant is that Enemy of my Enemy does a chunk swap. But that chunk is in the ocean, and isn't permanent.
These mixed results are frustrating.
452, 2014-01-23T22:00:37Z (last edited: 452, 2014-03-02T16:11:32Z)
To make counting easier:
  • tss1 Jailbreak
  • tss2 Appointed Defender
  • tss3 Down Payment
  • tss4 Three Kings
  • ss01 Got Dust, Will Travel
  • ss02 File in the Cake
  • ss03 Airborne Assault
  • ss04 Veteran Child
  • ss05 Burning Down the House
  • ss06 Bad Trip
  • ss07 Bonding Experience
  • ss08 Riot Control
  • ss09 Eternal Sunshine
  • ss10 Assault on Precinct 31
  • ss11 The Shopping Maul
  • bh01 First Impressions
  • bh02 Reunion Tour
  • bh03 Waste Not Want Not
  • bh04 Red Asphalt
  • bh05 Bank Error in Your Favor
  • bh06 Thank You and Goodnight!
  • bh07 Retribution
  • bh08 Jail Bait
  • bh09 The Enemy of my Enemy
  • bh10 The Siege
  • bh11 Showdown
  • rn01 Saint's Seven
  • rn02 Laundry Day
  • rn03 Road Rage
  • rn04 Bleeding Out
  • rn05 Orange Threat Level
  • rn06 Kanto Connection
  • rn07 Visiting Hours
  • rn08 Room Service
  • rn09 Rest in Peace
  • rn10 Good D
  • rn11 One Man's Junk
452, 2014-01-24T03:04:24Z
Different ways to get to "36 missions"
(X = Relevation)
  • 4 tss + 1 X + 11 rn + 10 bh + 10 ss
  • 4 tss + 11 rn + 11 bh + 10 ss
  • 4 tss + 1 X + 11 ss + 10 bh + 10 rn
  • 4 tss + 11 ss + 11 bh + 10 rn
  • 4 tss + 1 X + 11 rn + 10 ss + 10 bh
  • 4 tss + 11 rn + 11 ss + 10 bh
However, since the fires went out for me at 29 missions, it may not be necessary to get to 36.
  • After each mission, reload the autosave
  • Once the autosave has been confirmed to be on fire, make a permanent save before continuing.
After finding when the fires go out, reload the previous (burning) save, and do strongholds, or an alternate mission.
452, 2014-01-24T03:15:27Z
I played through the missions in a different order and got another result:
Enemy of my Enemy again. 31m, 3s 28n
  • 4 x TSS prologue
  • 9 x BH (Enemy of my Enemy)
  • 8 x RN (Room Service)
  • 9 x SS (Eternal Sunshine)
  • 1 x Revelation
  • 31 Missions.
It was definitely Enemy of my Enemy as the 31st mission that triggered it this time, because I had just reloaded the game beforehand. In the end, the only thing different this time around is that I did two extra SoS missions first. So next time I really need to do Enemy of my Enemy first.
For right now, I'm reloading and completing Assault of Precinct 31, just to get that theory out of the way.
edit: confirmed that replacing Enemy of my Enemy with Assault on Precinct 31 does not stop the fires.
452, 2014-01-24T08:51:59Z (last edited: 452, 2014-01-24T09:50:41Z)
One thing that I hadn't really considered is counting "how many missions since BdtH".
However, all of my tests so far have been from the same save, AFTER BdtH, so my "number of missions since BdtH" has varied.
452, 2014-01-25T00:04:00Z (last edited: 452, 2014-03-02T13:21:28Z)
I'm not sure what happened to my previous result, but my game with 11bh + 11ss + 10rn currently has the fires still burning. (37 missions completed)
My notes are incomplete, but I think this must be my file where I left Burning down the House for as long as I could, but I'm going to have to replay through all the missions again to verify that.
So... it seems likely that that "number of missions since Burning down the House" may be important. - Irrelevant!
452, 2014-03-02T15:07:22Z (last edited: 452, 2014-03-02T16:09:10Z)
Oh. You know what Enemy of my Enemy and One Man's Junk have in common? A chunk swap. (The Cargo Ship and Junks)
So... I'm guessing that if you do all missions so that Burning down the House, Enemy of my Enemy and One Man's Junk are the next missions, doing either of the latter two after Burning down the House will immediately stop the fires.
Doing Burning down the House after both of those means the next chunk swap is the Executive Yacht in Salting the Earth...Again.
That is something that definitely needs to be tested.
So, three definitive tests to prove this theory:
  • Do Burning Down the House ASAP, and do all missions except Enemy of my Enemy and One Man's Junk - expected result: Fires do not go out.
  • Do all missions except Burning Down the House, Enemy of my Enemy and One Man's Junk, do Burning Down the House, then either of the others - expected result: Fires go out immediately after either mission
  • Do all missions except Burning Down the House, then complete Samedi Arc and Epilogue - expected result: Fires go out after Salting the Earth...Again.
It's possible that I'm forgetting about some other chunk swap, but these tests will uncover it anyway.
452, 2014-03-02T16:07:31Z
Immediate problem with this theory: I just completed One Man's Junk and the fires are still burning. After saving, rebooting my xbox and reloading, the fires are still burning.
452, 2014-03-02T16:13:38Z (last edited: 452, 2014-03-02T16:17:14Z)
Mixed results again.
Once, I played through Picking a Fight and Pyramid Scheme and found that the fires were out. However, I had been playing both of them over and over for hours testing various things, so I reloaded my save from before Picking a Fight and played them both again the the fires didn't go out.
Then, I played Salting the Earth...Again, and immediately afterwards, the smoke was still present, but the actual fires were out. After reloading the autosave, the smoke was also gone.
Reproducibility is an important part of any experiment, and we don't have much of that so far.
452, 2014-03-04T01:53:20Z

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