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In Saints Row, some songs randomly play on the wrong station. While this has already been discussed on assorted talk pages, I wanted a more centralised place for future discussion about this topic.

Although I could speculate many possible causes, the exact cause of this is currently unknown to me. If anyone can reliably trigger any song to play on different station, please leave a comment.

While some songs can play on certain stations, they should not be listed in radio stations articles unless they're supposed to play on the station.

  • If the announcer announces the song, it's supposed to be on that station.
  • If it's in the audio bank for that station, it's supposed to be on that station.

In 2011, I added the tracklists from all stations from the game files, but since that time, some have been changed, and I may not have caught all of them.

If you have any doubt about whether a certain song is supposed to be on one station or another:

  • Check the page history to see who added it.
  • Leave a comment here to ask, and I - or someone else - will look into it and let you know.

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Previous discussion 1: Talk:89.0 Generation X
I personally verified that some songs from 89.0 Generation X and The Faction FM 99.8 sometimes switch.
452, 2016-03-23T01:52:22Z (last edited: 452, 2016-03-23T02:00:47Z)
Previous discussion 2: User talk:SaintsRow1Fan
On 2011-08-30, an anon added Mastodon - "Blood And Thunder" to The Krunch 106.66.
On 2011-12-25, a different anon removed the same track from The Faction FM 99.8.
I completely overlooked both of these edits, despite having previously added the tracklists to both articles in May of 2011.
This track does not have announcer lines on either station, but is in the audio bank for The Faction FM 99.8, so belongs on that page.
I have not personally heard it on either station, but I think it can be assumed that those two anons both heard it on The Krunch 106.66.
452, 2016-03-23T01:53:50Z (last edited: 452, 2016-03-23T01:56:04Z)

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