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Saints Row radio station glitch

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This discussion is related to the Audio to-do list.


In Saints Row, some songs randomly play on the wrong station. While this has already been discussed on assorted talk pages, I wanted a more centralised place for future discussion about this topic.

Although I could speculate many possible causes, the exact cause of this is currently unknown to me. If anyone can reliably trigger any song to play on different station, please leave a comment.

While some songs can play on certain stations, they should not be listed in radio stations articles unless they're supposed to play on the station.

  • If the announcer announces the song, it's supposed to be on that station.
  • If it's in the audio bank for that station, it's supposed to be on that station.

In 2011, I added the tracklists from all stations from the game files, but since that time, some have been changed, and I may not have caught all of them.

If you have any doubt about whether a certain song is supposed to be on one station or another:

  • Check the page history to see who added it.
  • Leave a comment here to ask, and I - or someone else - will look into it and let you know.

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