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452 August 22, 2011 User blog:452

I mentioned in a previous News post that Chat had been enabled, but I didn't go into many details.

  • By default, there are no audio notifications when someone joins, so if someone is idling in there while they're busy editing the wiki, they're not going to see you join immediately. So if there is someone else there, and you say "hi", please don't leave a minute later because you didn't get a response.
    • To enable audio notifications, edit: look at the options panel.
  • There have been a lot of people popping in and out regularly, but since they leave immediately, there aren't many people there at once. If everyone who popped in and out just stayed for a while, there would soon be a group of people.
    • Leaving because the chat is empty is stupid, because leaving causes the chat to be empty.
  • If someone is not there, they cannot see your messages. There is no chat log recorded, not even an admin can see what happens in the chat unless they are actually there at the time.
  • Some people come in, ask a question about something in Saints Row, then leave before they get a response. If you have a question about something in the game, it is still best to use the forum, or a talk page, that way other people can see the question and everyone has a chance to answer, and the information you're looking for can be added to an article.
  • The chat is just for casual chat, and is not a place to contact admins about official matters, if you have a problem with another user or another user's edit, leave a talk page message on an article, with that user, or with an admin.
  • And finally, the same rules apply to the chat as the rest of the wiki: No personal attacks, no racism, etc.

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