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I was going to do a write-up of what I learned in a recent gameplay video, but here's a more general post with a range of facts about Saints Row IV.

This wiki is the largest and most detailed archive of information about the Saints Row series, but it has never been claimed to be the most up-to-date, or to be a news site.
It's built by fans, for fans - if you're a fan, and you want to add news, feel free!

Pages about Saints Row IV are being updated as new information becomes available, but let's make a single list of everything we know about Saints Row IV so far - for easy reference.

If you have something to add to list, leave a comment - stating the fact, and linking to the source of the fact - and I'll add it to the list.

Topic Information Source
Weapons in Saints Row IV There is a "Tentacle Bat" weapon Image
Zero Saints Thirty Cyrus Temple reappears as a terrorist. Screenshot
Enter the Dominatrix This joke-cum-expansion-cum-sequel will be released as a DLC for SRIV Joystiq
Freckle Bitch's There is a "Freckle Bitch's" skin for the Guardsman AR Image
Challenge The "Abduct-o-ray" will be unlocked after completing one challenge. Image
Challenge There are 65 Challenges, but only 59 are currently known. Image
Genki Girls The Genki Girls are unlockable homies
(3 silver medals in "Super-Powered Fight Club")
Superpowers There is an upgrade to allow running on water
(3 silver medals in "Speed Rift")
Superpowers It is possible to mind-control enemies. Image
CID A small floating robot is called a "C.I.D.", sometimes "CID", meaning "Control and Interface Device". At least one is hacked to become friendly. Image
Murderbot Humanoid robots are called "Murderbots", there are at least two types - "mine-throwing" and "laser-minigun" Image
Audio logs There are 39 Audio logs to find. Image
Infuego XL There is a monster truck version of the Infuego, and possibly other monster trucks. Image
Weapons in Saints Row IV Each weapon has at least 3 variants with at least 3 skins each.

Edit: this is the only thing on this list which is false, and it's notable that it never had an image. Most weapons have at least 3 costumes. Most alien weapons only have one. A few weapons have 1 costume and 1 skin.
Cellphone - now called "Hub" Saintsbook is gone, replaced by a Powers menu to upgrade Superpowers Image
Cellphone The mission menu has been overhauled. Side quests are called "Side Quests". Challenges have been moved. Image
City Takeover Vehicle Theft and Assassination are now part of City Takeover, and are displayed on the map as "Targets". Image
City Takeover There are 32 Targets in total, as well as 32 activities, 34 stores, and 10 Cribs.
City Takeover Magarac Island is now part of Sunset Park
Customization Items A Han Solo outfit is available at Nobody Loves Me, under the name "Puckish Rogue". Image
Homies Loyalty missions unlock superpowers for that Homie, plus an outfit. Youtube interview
Garage Vehicles can be added to the Garage by holding the down button, and retrieved at any time. Interview
Gameplay In addition to the return of the Text Adventure, there is also a 2D side scroller. Interview
Mr. Sunshine Returns as the DJ for 103.6 Four20 Four-20 103.6. Complex

As usual, information without a source for verification is useless, so be sure to include a link or an image.


Pre-release information timeline.

Date Source Type Link/notes
2013-03-22 outsidexbox Video Everything We Know So Far - Trailer Analysis, Interviews
2013-03-22 usingwhs Video interview with Scott Philips
2013-03-25 gamereactorTV Video Interview
2013-03-26 PressPlayOnline Video PAX East 2013 Interview
2013-04-18 The Game Station Video Pax East Interview
2013-03-15 joystiq Saints Row 4 gets pimpin' August 20
2013-03-22 Joystick Volition explains relationship between Saints Row 4 and 'Enter the Dominatrix'
2013-03-22 Inside Gaming Video East SteveJaros interview
2013-03-23 Destructoid Saints Row IV has a 'fuck ton more' content than SR3
2013-03-23 IGN Saints Row 4 Had Stephen Colbert, Dragons, Monkey Summons
2013-03-23 CJPlays13 Video PAX East Interview w/ Steve Jaros
2013-03-27 Volition Video Announce Teaser
2013-03-29 HipHopGamer1 Video "This Game Is Bringing The Fun Back To The Industry" PAX EAST 2013 Interview
2013-04-12 polygon Agent of mayhem: the life and near death of Saints Row's Volition
2013-04-26 OXM Scans?
2013-05-07 Volition Video Meet the President trailer
2013-05-09 Volition Video PAX Demo
2013-05-23 Volition Video Hail to the Chief #1: Saints Force One
2013-06-06 Volition Video War for Humanity
2013-06-10 gametrailers Video E3 2013: First-Look Demo (Jim Boone)
2013-06-10 gametrailers Video E3 2013: First-Look Demo (David Bianchi and Jim Boone)
2013-06-11 NotoriousGamers Video OFFICIAL GAMEPLAY *NEW* with Jim Boone interview
2013-06-11 GamerHubTV Video E3 2013 Preview Interview With Volition Steve Jaros
2013-06-11 destructoid article Saints Row IV is going to be the best superhero game ever
2013-06-11 usingwhs Video Never Before Seen Gameplay - Part 1
2013-06-11 usingwhs Video Never Before Seen Gameplay - Part 2
2013-06-11 gametrailers Video You Are the President
2013-06-12 IGN (340PM) Video Gameplay Demo - E3 2013 (11:40)
2013-06-12 IGN Video Offscreen Demo Gameplay - E3 2013
2013-06-12 escapistmagazine article From President to Superhero
2013-06-12 Rev3Games Video Gameplay Walkthrough and Interview with Steve Jaros
2013-06-12 GamesRadar Video Blackhole gun and Lightsabres - Gameplay E3 2013
2013-06-13 gamespot Video The Zin Empire - E3 2013 Gameplay
2013-06-13 OXM E3 impressions: hands-on
2013-06-13 gamespot (1220AM) Video Saint's Row IV - E3 2013 Stage Demo
2013-06-13 gameological Steve Jaros, creative director
2013-06-16 GamePodunk Video E3 2013: Gameplay
2013-06-17 gameinformer Taking Silliness To New Heights
2013-06-17 AngryJoeShow Video Angry Joe Interview
2013-06-18 Smosh Games Video SUPER POWERS (E3 2013 Dope! or Nope)
2013-06-19 Nerdy Show Video E3 Interview: Fucking Shit up
2013-06-28 Volition Video E3 in-game walkthrough
2013-07-03 Volition Video Independence Day Trailer
2013-07-03 evilsourcegaming Video New Gameplay (Preview)
2013-07-03 evilsourcegaming Article Early Preview
2013-07-03 venturebeat Why I will spend more hours playing Saints Row IV than any other 2013 release
2013-07-17 Volition Video Gat is Back
2013-07-20 Twitch Video comiccon livestream with Jaros and Troy Baker (At 2:36)
2013-07-20 Skyline 925 Video Comic Con 2013 SR4 Interview
2013-07-21 gameinformer Voice Cast Mouths Off At Comic-Con
2013-07-22 Volition Video Hail to the Chief #2: Animal Protection Act
2013-07-24 Volition Video Hail to the Chief #3: Weapon of Mass Abduction
2013-07-25 thesixthaxis Interview: Talking All Things Saints Row With Jim Boone
2013-07-26 Volition Video Hail to the Chief #4: The President Can
2013-08-01 Gamespot (1100) Video livestream
2013-08-01 IGN (1330) Video livestream
2013-08-01 Rev3 (1530) Video livestream
2013-08-02 Volition Video Dev Diary #1: A Love Song to the fans
2013-08-01 Reddit AMA We are Jim and Scott from the Volition team
2013-08-02 Machinima Video NEW GAMEPLAY! Character Creator! - Inside Gaming
2013-08-06 Volition Video Inauguration Station
2013-08-06 MrVg247 Video All New Gameplay - Opening Mission Revealed
2013-08-09 Volition Video Dev Diary #2: What Happens in Space...
2013-08-13 Volition Video Dev Diary #3: The Wheels of the Spaceship Go Round and Round
2013-08-16 Volition Video Dev Diary #4: This Is What Happens...
2013-08-20 Volition Video Accolade Trailer

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