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Posted by 452 on 2016-06-07 02:20:55

A while ago, someone anonymously emailed me with what looks like a scan a beta development map of Stilwater in Saints Row 2.

I told them they could upload it to the wiki themselves, but since they haven't done so, here it is!

As far as I can see, there's nothing on this map that we didn't already know, but if you spot anything you think wasn't already on the wiki, feel free to leave a comment below, or add it to the appropriate article yourself.

This map has been available in various sizes since 2008, but this is the largest version I've personally seen. When comparing it to the smaller version I already had, it is missing some of the edges, and has fold marks - if you have a clearer, more complete, or just higher-quality version, feel free to upload it, or link me to it.

Remember: if you have something interesting, feel free to add it to the wiki!

Saints Row 2 Stilwater beta map

Direct link to full size image

452, 2016-06-07T02:20:55Z (last edited: 452, 2016-06-07T02:29:52Z)

Hey! This map is a scan by me which I posted about on my blog some time ago (you might notice the name, seeing how you've uploaded almost all of my SR2 scenery photosets here as well):
The map is a part of the Polish (PC only?) collector's edition of SR2, which is a treasure trove of weird shit. I was hoping it wouldn't get uploaded elsewhere, but this wiki is a good place for it, honestly. I'd appreciate some credit for it (and my photosets) though - I'm preetty sure this is the highest quality/most readable version of it available online. The missing edges are due to the fact that the map was just a pain to scan because of its size, there isn't anything interesting missing there., 2016-09-30T21:24:39Z
Volition owns the copyright to all images of the game.
I was emailed this image, as well as some scenery images, which I assume are the one's you're talking about.
If you give me a list of the screenshots you took, I'll add something to the file pages.
452, 2016-09-30T21:38:51Z (last edited: 452, 2016-09-30T21:46:07Z)
Thank you! The list for the pics I've taken is pretty freaking long, but they're all under the tag "Saints Row 2" in my blog, with the neighborhood/district/interior name listed in the description:
As far as I could see, the Wiki has almost every single photoset with the exception of Imperial Square in Chinatown: if you'd like to upload that one as well.
I think some sets were also split and put into different articles, like the Stilwater Memorial Hospital interior (was part of Union Square/Downtown set)., 2016-09-30T22:28:29Z (last edited: 452, 2016-09-30T22:37:12Z)

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