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452 June 4, 2013 User blog:452

A copy of Saints Row: Money Shot has surfaced, and a high resolution video has been posted to youtube. The video is included below.

We've added available information about the game to the Saints Row: Money Shot article, but there is still much we are missing.

If you have a hacked XBox 360 which can play the leaked game, we need your help! We already have the names of the missions and bullets, but here's what we still need:

  • A full list of mission objectives (A screenshot or video will do)
  • A full list of bullet statistics (A screenshot or video will do)
  • Achievement images (You take a screenshot of the achievement page will do)
  • Screenshots of the objectives of each mission (Especially Dex in mission 6!)

I can see from the video that the mission details aren't available until you complete the previous missions, so once you've completed the game, a quick video scrolling through all the objectives and bullets would be great.

Enjoy the videos!

Saints Row Money Shot gameplay07:04

Saints Row Money Shot gameplay

Gameplay video at 1920x1080 resolution, posted 2013-06-01

Saints Row Money Shot - Dex's New Digs gameplay02:33

Saints Row Money Shot - Dex's New Digs gameplay

Gameplay video

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