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To-do list > Mission > SRTT Mission end screen images

To-do list > Image > SRTT Mission end screen images

While playing Saints Row: The Third, I took many screenshots, including mission end screens.

I've named them all, and cross-referenced them against the lists of missions and unlockables, and they're almost all there. Except for mission fail screens, I took some images, but not many.

I'm missing several alternate choice unlockables, and a few other unlockables here and there. I've uploaded several images which have subtitles visible, these should really be replaced by images without subtitles.

I've uploaded all the images I have today, and until they're added to articles, the images will be listed on Special:Unusedimages, but I've listed the filenames below for easy reference.


Need unlock screenshots for:

  • We're Going to Need Guns - cash screen
  • We're Going to Need Guns - Followers (Homie Slot 1)
  • My Name is Cyrus Temple - Prototype Tank unlock screen
  • Zombie Attack - Burt Reynolds
  • The Belgian Problem - Bonus Respect
  • Http://deckers.die - Vehicles Discount
  • Pimps Up, Hos Down - Gang Customization Morningstar
  • Pimps Up, Hos Down - Garage - New Vehicles Morningstar
  • Stop all the Downloading - Gang Customization Deckers
  • Stop all the Downloading - Garage - New Vehicles Deckers
  • 3 Count Beat Down - Gang Customization Luchadores
  • 3 Count Beat Down - Garage - New Vehicles Luchadores

And end mission screens without subtitles for:

  • A Remote Chance complete - without subtitles
  • deckers.die complete - without subtitles
  • Learning Computer complete - without subtitles
  • My Name is Cyrus Temple complete - without subtitles
  • Return to Steelport complete - without subtitles
  • Zombie Attack complete - without subtitles


Note: All of these have been added to articles

  • 3 Count Beat Down 3 Count stronghold crib unlocked.png
  • 3 Count Beat Down 3 Count unlocked.png
  • 3 Count Beat Down cash.png
  • 3 Count Beat Down complete.png
  • A Remote Chance cash - with subtitles.png
  • A Remote Chance complete - with subtitles.png
  • A Remote Chance failed - decoy destroyed.png
  • A Remote Chance failed - kill more.png
  • Air Steelport cash.png
  • Air Steelport complete.png
  • Air Steelport Crusader unlocked.png
  • Air Steelport Sonic Boom unlocked.png
  • Convoy Decoy - VTOL unlocked.png
  • Convoy Decoy cash.png
  • Convoy Decoy complete.png
  • Cyber Blazing cash.png
  • Cyber Blazing complete.png
  • Cyber Blazing more.png
  • Escort cash.png
  • Escort complete.png
  • Escort more.png
  • Escort unlocked.png
  • Gang Bang cash with subtitles.png
  • Gang Bang complete.png
  • Gang Bang Viola unlocked.png
  • Gangstas in Space Blowup Doll unlocked.png
  • Gangstas in Space cash.png
  • Gangstas in Space complete.png
  • Gangstas in Space Saints Raider unlocked.png
  • Gangstas in Space Space costume unlocked.png
  • Gangstas in Space Space Saints unlocked.png
  • Gangstas in Space Toilet unlocked.png
  • Gangstas in Space Zombie Gat unlocked.png
  • Genki SERC cash.png
  • Genki SERC complete.png
  • Genki SERC more.png
  • Genki SERC Pierce unlocked.png
  • Guardian Angel complete.png
  • Guardian Angel failed - protectee died.png
  • Guardian Angel L1 cash.png
  • Guardian Angel L2 cash.png
  • Heli Assault cash.png
  • Heli Assault complete.png
  • Heli Assault Kinzie unlocked.png
  • Heli Assault more.png
  • Hit the Powder Room cash.png
  • Hit the Powder Room complete.png
  • http deckers.die ASP unlocked.png
  • http deckers.die cash - with subtitles.png
  • http deckers.die complete - with subtitles.png
  • http deckers.die Cyber Buster unlocked.png
  • http deckers.die mocap suit unlocked.png
  • http deckers.die Weapons Discount unlocked.png
  • I'm Free - Free Falling - final image crack.png
  • I'm Free - Free Falling - final image nocrack.png
  • I'm Free - Free Falling complete.png
  • I'm Free - Free Falling Shaundi unlocked.png
  • Insurance Fraud cash.png
  • Insurance Fraud complete.png
  • Insurance Fraud more.png
  • Learning Computer cash - with subtitles.png
  • Learning Computer complete - with subtitles.png
  • Learning Computer failed - use machine gun.png
  • Live! with Killbane cash.png
  • Live! with Killbane complete.png
  • Live! with Killbane failed - helicopter destroyed.png
  • Live! with Killbane spotlight helicopter unlocked.png
  • Mayhem complete.png
  • Mayhem more.png
  • Murderbrawl XXXI - final image blank mask.png
  • Murderbrawl XXXI - final image blank nomask.png
  • Murderbrawl XXXI - final image no mask.png
  • Murderbrawl XXXI Apoca-fists unlocked.png
  • Murderbrawl XXXI cash.png
  • Murderbrawl XXXI complete - mask.png
  • Murderbrawl XXXI complete - no mask.png
  • Murderbrawl XXXI Killbane's Mask unlocked.png
  • My Name is Cyrus Temple cash - with subtitles.png
  • My Name is Cyrus Temple complete - with subtitles.png
  • My Name is Cyrus Temple failed - cover blown.png
  • My Name is Cyrus Temple satchel charges unlocked.png
  • My Name is Cyrus Temple specter unlocked.png
  • Nyte Blayde's Return cardinal outfit unlocked.png
  • Nyte Blayde's Return cash.png
  • Nyte Blayde's Return complete.png
  • Party Time - final image.png
  • Party Time cash.png
  • Party Time complete.png
  • Party Time saints Penthouse crib unlocked.png
  • Party Time unlock gang customization unlocked.png
  • Pimps Up, Hos Down - Safeword respect.png
  • Pimps Up, Hos Down - Safeword Stronghold Crib.png
  • Pimps Up, Hos Down - Safeword transfer limit.png
  • Pimps Up, Hos Down - Safeword weapon cache.png
  • Pimps Up, Hos Down - unlock safeword cash per hour.png
  • Pimps Up, Hos Down cash.png
  • Pimps Up, Hos Down complete.png
  • Pimps Up, Hos Down Safeword unlocked.png
  • Return to Steelport Angels crib unlocked.png
  • Return to Steelport cash - with subtitles.png
  • Return to Steelport complete - with subtitles.png
  • Return to Steelport failed - interrogate.png
  • Return to Steelport Gimp unlocked.png
  • Return to Steelport Kinzies Crib unlocked.png
  • Return to Steelport Penetrator unlocked.png
  • Return to Steelport Zimos crib unlocked.png
  • Snatch cash.png
  • Snatch complete.png
  • Snatch more.png
  • STAG Film Blowup Doll unlocked.png
  • STAG Film complete.png
  • STAG Film failed - left Daedalus.png
  • STAG Film respect.png
  • STAG Film STAG armor unlocked.png
  • STAG Film Toilet unlocked.png
  • STAG Film VTOL unlocked.png
  • STAG Film Zombie Gat unlocked.png
  • STAG Party - final image.png
  • STAG Party airstrike unlocked.png
  • STAG Party cash.png
  • STAG Party City Takeover unlocked.png
  • STAG Party complete.png
  • STAG Party Josh Birk unlocked.png
  • STAG Party Nyteblayde unlocked.png
  • Steelport Here I Am cash - default image.png
  • Steelport Here I Am complete - default image.png
  • Stilwater Blues failed - you died.png
  • Stop all the Downloading Burn Hill Reactors stronghold crib unlocked.png
  • Stop all the Downloading Burn Hill Reactors unlocked.png
  • Stop all the Downloading cash.png
  • Stop all the Downloading complete.png
  • Takeover The City cash - default image.png
  • Takeover The City complete - default image.png
  • Tank Mayhem cash.png
  • Tank Mayhem complete.png
  • The Belgian Problem cash bonus unlocked.png
  • The Belgian Problem cash.png
  • The Belgian Problem complete.png
  • The Belgian Problem Oleg unlocked.png
  • The Belgian Problem RC possessor unlocked.png
  • The Ho Boat cash.png
  • The Ho Boat complete.png
  • The Ho Boat Ho Business unlocked.png
  • The Ho Boat Lump Sum unlocked.png
  • Three Way complete.png
  • Three Way failed - shaundi died.png
  • Three Way failed - you died.png
  • Three Way N-Forcer unlocked.png
  • Tiger Escort Angel unlocked.png
  • Tiger Escort cash.png
  • Tiger Escort complete.png
  • Tiger Escort more.png
  • Trafficking cash.png
  • Trafficking complete.png
  • Trafficking more.png
  • Trail Blazing cash.png
  • Trail Blazing complete.png
  • Trail Blazing more.png
  • Trojan Whores - final image.png
  • Trojan Whores cash.png
  • Trojan Whores complete.png
  • Trojan Whores Vulture unlocked.png
  • We're Going to Need Guns - final image.png
  • We're Going to Need Guns complete.png
  • We're Going to Need Guns failed - helicopter destroyed.png
  • We're Going to Need Guns Reaper Drone unlocked.png
  • We're Going to Need Guns Saintsbook unlocked.png
  • We're Going to Need Guns Shaundi's Ex's apartment unlocked.png
  • We're Going to Need Guns Upgrades unlocked.png
  • When Good Heists Go Bad - final image.png
  • When Good Heists Go Bad complete.png
  • Zombie Attack cash - with subtitles.png
  • Zombie Attack complete - with subtitles.png
  • Zombie Attack failed - container destroyed.png
  • Zombie Attack Gas Mask unlocked.png
  • Zombie Attack Notoriety Wipe Law unlocked.png
  • Zombie Attack SWAT team unlocked.png
  • Zombie Attack Zombie Horde unlocked.png

Save FilesEdit

Also, save file images. Note: All of these have also been added to articles

  • ui_save_1 When good heists go bad.png
  • ui_save_2 I'm Free, Free falling.png
  • ui_save_3 We're going to Need Guns.png
  • ui_save_4 Steelport, Here I Am.png
  • ui_save_5 Party Time.png
  • ui_save_6 The Belgian Problem.png
  • ui_save_7 Return to Steelport.png
  • ui_save_8 Trojan Whores.png
  • ui_save_9 The Ho Boat.png
  • ui_save_10 Gang Bang.png
  • ui_save_11 Convoy Decoy.png
  • ui_save_12 Nyte Blayde's Return.png
  • ui_save_13 STAG Party.png
  • ui_save_14 Live with Killbane.png
  • ui_save_15 Learning Computer.png
  • ui_save_16 deckers.die.png
  • ui_save_17 My name is Cyrus Temple.png
  • ui_save_18 Air Steelport.png
  • ui_save_19 Zombie Attack.png
  • ui_save_20 A Remote Chance.png
  • ui_save_21 Murderbrawl xxxi.png
  • ui_save_22 Three Way.png
  • ui_save_23 STAG film.png
  • ui_save_24 Gangstas in Space.png
  • ui_save_mm Takeover the City.png

452, 2013-04-17T01:30:44Z (last edited: 452, 2015-02-01T03:17:44Z)

Thanks a bunch to User:OAndersson, for adding all of these images to respective articles.
452, 2013-06-19T22:18:07Z
I've discovered that, as with Stilwater Blues, the City Takeover completion missions can also be failed and exited and restarted via the cellphone.
So, we also need screenshots of the exit screen for:
And corresponding screenshots of the Cellphone.
In fact, it's possible to get all 4 of those listed in the Cellphone at the same time, so let's set that as the goal.
Here's my set of save files for PC:
  • The last save is before Three Way, so first you'll need to play through both endings.
  • Then complete all City Takeover gameplay (All activities, and gang ops, I think I bought all the stores.)
  • When the phone calls happen, pause the game and quit the mission.
  • Once all 4 missions are listed, take a screenshot
  • If you have DLC, then you'll have to play through each of the them in order to get them out of the cellphone menu.
452, 2013-07-12T17:15:16Z
Oh, and because it's more impressive to die during a phone call mission than it is to just quit:
  • Die during the mission
  • Bonus: Choose "Retry from mission start" after dying, then quit out normally, so you stay in the same place.
452, 2013-07-12T17:20:22Z (last edited: 452, 2013-07-15T05:11:34Z)
If you do have all the damage immunity uprades you can still start the mission in a burning car to trigger a fail.
SuperNull, 2013-07-13T12:27:38Z (last edited: SuperNull, 2013-07-13T12:29:11Z)
I always seem to get thrown out of burning cars alive when they explode - I figured that was part of one of the damage upgrades (I have level 3 in everything, deliberately not buying level 4 of anything)
452, 2013-07-13T13:57:45Z
City Takeover bonus missions
Death screens done.
edit: and cellphone pic done.
I'm happy with how it turned out.
452, 2013-07-15T05:11:55Z (last edited: 452, 2013-11-07T16:45:16Z)
I won't be taking screenshots of all the end screens this time around.
452, 2013-09-15T13:35:20Z
Since there hasn't been much movement with the missing end screen images, I've added them individually to articles via {{image}}.
452, 2013-11-07T16:55:12Z (last edited: 452, 2016-10-03T15:38:42Z)

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