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See also: Talk:Missions in Saints Row IV

The Quest/Mission structure of Saints Row IV is a little confusing, because:

  • Quests are not Missions: Missions are Objectives in Quests.
  • Quests can have multiple Objectives, including multiple Missions as part of one Quest.
  • Missions are started by choosing Objectives, subsequent Objectives/Mission may auto-start.
  • Mission names do not usually match Quest names or Objective names.
  • Mission names are shown after completing the Mission, and are then listed in Completed Quests.
  • Side Quests become available after completing certain Objectives/Quests.
  • Side Quests may also have Missions as objectives.

So, let's get this right the first time!

  • When starting a Quest or new Objective:
    • Check and note down the Objectives listed in the Quest menu
    • Immediately try to exit it, and note down the name.
  • After completing each Quest or Objective:
    • Note down the name on the completion screen - this is the Mission name.
    • Save the game, and note down the name on the save screen - this is the Quest name.
    • Check the name shown in the Completed Quests list.
    • Check which Side Quests are available.

I'm fairly sure that these simple steps can be used to make sense of the Quest/Mission structure.

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  • ACT1 - Purple Ops - "Cyrus is ready to launch a nuke at Washington. We need to take him out."
  • ACTIVITIES_OLD - Simulated Instruction - "Start to degrade the simulation's stability by completing Activities."
  • ASHA_ARC - From Asha with Love - "She may not be the most pleasant person, but if you're going to stop Zinyak, you need Asha."
  • ASHA_LOYALTY - Loyalty - Training Day - "You've been a leader for a long time. Do you remember what it's like to serve?"
  • ASSEMBLE_KEY - Keymaster - "If we want to shut down the simulation, we'll need to build a key."
  • BEN_KING_ARC - King of Stilwater - "To get back your Chief of Staff, you'll have to revisit your mutual past."
  • BEN_KING_LOYALTY - Loyalty - King of the Dance - "Tanya tried to take everything from me. I don't care if it's a simulation, bitch has gotta go."
  • BETRAYAL - The Kinzie Gambit - "Everything's in place. It's time to end this once and for all."
  • CID_ARC - Ghost in the Machine - "To access the other simulations, we need the AI. If we have to get him a body then do it."
  • CITY_TAKEROVER - City Takeover Tutorial - "The more you disrupt the simulation, the more control we have."
  • CUSTOMIZE - Customization - "Get yourself some new clothes and a clean car to get back in the swing of things."
  • DFA_TRAINING - Death From Above - "Jump-kicking works in 2D sidescrollers. Let's see how it works here."
  • FORCED_WARDEN - Anomalous Readings - "I think the Zin are tracking you, be careful and watch your back."
  • GAT_LOYALTY - Loyalty - SR3 Wrap-Up - "It's been a while. Let's go murdering for old time's sake."
  • GET_KINZIE - The Girl Who Hates the 50s - "We're not leaving Kinzie behind."
  • GRAND_FINALE - Punch the Shark - "You want the good ending? Hope you bonded with your crew."
  • JOHNNY_GAT - ...The Very Next Day - "I did what you asked. We're ready to save your friend."
  • KINZIE_LOYALTY - Loyalty - The Girl Who Beat Cyrus - "Cyrus is gonna pay for that fucking poodle skirt."
  • MATT_LOYALTY - Loyalty - Nytefall - "This is the finest training simulation MI6 has to offer."
  • MATT_MILLER_ARC - Zero Cool - "I hate him. We need him. It's time to save Matt Miller."
  • MECH_MAYHEM - Mech Mayhem - "Don't call it a robot; it's power armor."
  • MORE_TUTORIAL - Breaking the Law - "There's lot of ways to disrupt the simulation."
  • NIGHTMARE - Leave it to the Saints - "This perfect life is brought to you by Friendly Fryer."
  • PHONECALL - Talkie Talkie - "We're stretching out gameplay. Come see me!"
  • PIERCE_ARC - The Boss Goes to Washington - "Pierce needs help. BAD."
  • PIERCE_LOYALTY - Loyalty - Pump Up the Volume - "Let's go for a drive."
  • PRESIDENT - Hail to the Chief (title collision!) - "Thank God for gerrymandering."
  • RETURN - The Escape - "We need to get back to Earth."
  • SHAUNDI_ARC - Back by Popular Demand - "Don't get your hopes up."
  • SHAUNDI_LOYALTY - Loyalty - Girls Night Out - "There's some stuff I need to deal with. Do you mind coming along?"
  • STOP_CLONES - Emergency Situation - "Something strange is happening in the simulation. [format][color:red]You're going to be getting attacked until this situation is resolved.[/format]"
  • TUTORIALS - Learn the Rules... - "Let's see how things work here."
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  • M00 - Zero Saints Thirty
  • M01 - The Saints Wing
  • M02 - A Pleasant Day
  • MM_1_1A - The Fundamentals
  • MM_1_2 - Bending the Rules
  • MM_1_3 - Hot and Cold
  • MM_1_4 - Tower Exploration
  • MM_2_1 - Hack the Planet
  • MM_2_2 - Break on Through
  • M03 - The Real World
  • MM_2_CID - Mysterious Caller
  • M04 - Get CID
  • M05 - Power Up CID
  • M06 - Miller-Space
  • M07 - Matt's Back
  • M08 - De Plane Boss
  • M09 - The Saints Flow
  • M10 - King Me
  • M11 - The Case of Mr. X
  • M14 - A Game of Clones
  • M15 - Welcome Back
  • M16 - When a Plan Comes Together
  • M17 - All Hands on Deck
  • M18 - He Lives
  • M19 - Hello Teacup
  • M20 - We Have the Technology
  • M21 - Batteries Not Included
  • FINALE - Grand Finale
  • MM_3_1 - A State of Mind
  • MM_3_1_QT - Simulated Fraud
  • MM_3_2 - Got to Get Me One
  • MM_3_2_QT - This Tank's For You
  • MM_4_1 - The Warden Stomp
  • MM_4_1_QT - Find the Reading's Source
  • MM_6_0 - Suppressed
  • MM_6_0_QT - Answer the Call
  • MM_6_4 - Best Laid Plans
  • MM_DFA - Power Training
  • MM_FB - Power Element Training
  • MOL_BK_01 - Dancing Queen
  • MOL_JG_01 - Gat Time, Fun Time
  • MOL_KZ01 - Kinzie's Adventures
  • MOL_MM_01 - Nytefall
  • MOL_P01 - Brotherhood
  • MOL_SH_01 - Psychosomatic
  • MOL_VI_01 - Asha's VIP
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Ah, MM_2_CID - Mysterious Caller!
This is why CID is suddenly thrown into the story with no fucking introduction.
This "Mysterious Caller" mission was supposed to be CIDs introduction.
452, 2015-08-19T19:24:39Z
As with SRTT, all the mission names are in all caps, so we need to decide on capitalisation.
452, 2013-08-23T04:59:06Z
See: Forum:SRIV missions for a very messy list.
I'll work on it more later.
452, 2013-08-23T19:17:10Z (last edited: 452, 2014-01-18T16:43:36Z)
But during the meanwhilst, people should feel free to use this information - because that's why I uploaded it
452, 2013-08-24T12:49:51Z
In game confirmation is still required for ALL missions, as per the original post.
452, 2013-08-25T13:24:58Z (last edited: 452, 2013-08-25T13:25:08Z)
Since the side quests consist of City Takeover gameplay, and not actually real missions, I propose we just put them on a single Side Quests page, listing the objectives for each, the reward and the transcripts.
The transcripts are only 2 lines per quest, so I don't think it will get excessive. But if it turns out that there's too much information for a single page, we can always split it later.
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