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This discussion is related to the Quote to-do list.


There is now a Random quote template, which is currently being used to display a random quote on the main page. I've also recently added large quotation marks around quote templates.

Random Dialogue
Pierce: "Hey, I was thinking: we might die here. Anything you want to get off your chest?"
The Protagonist: "Pierce, don't be so negative..."
Oleg: "He has a point. Were Kinzie here, I'd pour out my heart."
Pierce: "WHAT?"
Oleg: "It's rare I find an intellectual equal."
The Protagonist: "I've read Jane Eyre thirteen times!"
Pierce: "Good to know..."
— During Three Way (from Easter Eggs)
OtherInMemory 0382 SR1 cellphone

It uses {{quote}} and {{dialogue}}, so is yet another reason for all quotes to use the quote template, and a good reason to clean up existing quotes.

  • Some quotes in articles still use manually added bold and italics to simulate quotes.
  • There are still many articles with quotes in the trivia sections.
  • Before the {{Dialogue}} template was created, the quote template was being used for multiple lines of dialogue, the quote template is for single quotes only, multiple lines from different people should use {{Dialogue}}.
  • Many quotes do not contain sufficient information about the source of the quote, which is fine when it's used in content in an article, but when it is randomly selected, the context is removed, and the attribution line becomes important.
    • To work around this, I've added "from [article]" below each quote in the template.

Creating this template also uncovered several problems which were not apparent until now

  • Quotes which contain references should contain full references, not named references.
    • The name should still be used in the reference, but should also contain the full reference.
  • Quotes containing any other template, including {{ref}}, should contain a space between each set of closing braces.
    • }}}} should be replaced with }} }}
    • This is also a problem with all templates which include other templates as parameters, so this should be done for all templates, but is currently most obvious with quotes.
  • Quotes containing image references should embed the image, not a link to the image.
    • These was already being slowly replaced, but this is another reason for this.

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