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Posted by 452 on 2013-06-16 18:09:02

Since it appears that Saints Row IV is the last game in the Saints Row series, we're probably going to run out of time to ask unanswered questions.

It didn't occur to me until after User:Zadidoll talked to Steve Jaros at E3 that it would be have been a good opportunity to get answers. All the videos I've seen cover all of the same ground, and poor Steve just parrots off the same answers. He didn't say anything that we wouldn't learn by playing the game. (Although more recently he's been telling us all about Dragons and Bollywood dances, which don't appear in the game.)

I'd like to make a list, so that unanswered question can be referenced anyone who has the opportunity to ask the developers questions.

Note: This is not an official site, so the developers are not going to answer the questions here, the purpose of this list is so you know what to ask if you ever get a chance.

I've tried getting answers on the official forums in the past, but it's been very hit-and-miss. Every time I would ask a simple question for the developers, random people on the forum would chime in with their 2 cents.

Note: Keep it factual. No "What ever happened to..." type questions.

I'll start:

  • What does "Saints Row" mean? (Question has been "responded to" multiple times with "Saints Row is the name of an area in the first game"/"Saints Row is where the Saints are from". It was expanded on in the Halloween 2014 livestream that the name of the district game first, while the game was still called "Bling Bling", then the game was renamed because they liked the name so much - but we still don't know where the name ORIGINALLY came from.)
    • What is the significance of the district being spelled "Saint's Row", while the game is "Saints Row"?
  • Voices
    • Who voiced The Protagonist in Saints Row?
    • Who voiced the Eric Gryphon?
    • Can we get a full list of voice credits, please?
  • Is Red Faction actually the same universe, or are the references only meant as Easter Eggs? (Answered: Easter Egg only.)
  • Brands
    • Does the brand TM stand for anything?
    • What's the name of the brand of the Socialite and Ricochet?
  • What is Francine's last name? Answer: Favre, named after a developer.
  • Why was the DLC for Saints Row removed from the Xbox Marketplace?
  • What's the biggest Easter Egg that no-one has noticed? (Asked, no real answer.)
  • Is there any particular significance to Shaundi being kidnapped twice per game?

If you have questions, add them below.

  • If it's a good question, I'll add it to the list
  • If the answer is already known, I'll give you the answer

452, 2013-06-16T18:09:02Z (last edited: 452, 2014-11-01T20:07:32Z)

Saints Row IV the end? Nope, don't think so. LOL Highly possible for Saints Row V to come about. I talked to Steve about it and he gave no indication that IV will be the last of the Saint Row games.
Zadidoll, 2013-06-16T22:40:29Z
Saints Row IV is the epic conclusion to the open world game that changed all the rules.

So either it's the last game, or false advertising from Volition.
452, 2013-06-16T23:04:31Z
When I talked to Steve I asked him straight out if SR4 was the last. We talked about the possiblity of a SR5. He never said, "Saints Row IV is the last in the franchise." He was open to suggestions for 5. It's just possible that IF a fifth game is to come out it won't be in the same format as the previous games. After all the statement DS Volition makes is "conclusion to the open world game" not the conclusion of the franchise. Two different things in my book.
Zadidoll, 2013-06-16T23:11:38Z
Where is Dex, In the saints row 2 DLC pack Corporate Warfare, the Protagonist stated that he would find where Dex went and kill him.  But so far it remains a promise unkept., 2013-07-05T02:13:58Z
Answer: Saints Row: Money Shot
edit: Wait, didn't I say No "What ever happened to..." type questions.?
452, 2013-07-05T02:39:25Z (last edited: 452, 2013-07-09T15:47:55Z)
Strange, they've removed the line I quoted from that page.
But they've made a new post with a similar line.
Deep Silver Volition unleashed the epic conclusion to the Saints Row saga onto the attendees of the E3 Expo last week

452, 2013-07-09T16:06:36Z
I swear they keep editing their news posts, but right now:
"Saints Row IV is the last and greatest chapter in the epic Saints saga"
452, 2013-07-19T13:28:58Z (last edited: 452, 2013-07-19T13:29:35Z)
Why does the flag show in the "Adoration of America" unlockable only have 48 "stars"?
452, 2013-12-01T16:57:40Z
  • How much time passed between "Three Way" and "Zero Saints Thirty"?
  • How much time passed between "Zero Saints Thirty" and the time The Protagonist becomes President?
  • How long had The Protagonist been President at the start of "The Saints Wing"?
452, 2013-12-01T16:59:33Z
Since we now know what ETD was before it was merged: What was Saints Row IV before ETD was merged with it?
452, 2014-01-28T19:34:53Z
Who plays "Michael Clarke Duncan" in the Regicide Radio commercial in Saints Row: The Third?
Ad Regicide radio misc media 00038
It is possible that Michael Clarke Duncan played "Michael Clarke Duncan" and did an over-the-top impression of himself - but he is not listed in the credits.
452, 2014-03-05T18:30:29Z (last edited: 452, 2014-03-05T18:30:54Z)
When Xbox live for Xbox 360 shuts down, will Volition issue a patch to allow System-link multiplayer without an "Online Pass"?
452, 2014-03-30T17:09:05Z
Was there a Murderbrawl every year, consecutively? Did it ever skip a year?
452, 2014-08-02T15:31:07Z
In the recent livestream, Volition have again answered the question "Where does the name Saints Row come from?" with "It's the name of an area in the first game".
edit: In case it's unclear: We know about the Saint's Row district. The point of the question is "Why was the name chosen originally?"/"Where did the name for the area come from?"
452, 2014-11-01T20:03:57Z (last edited: 452, 2015-08-17T15:38:34Z)
You sure have some imaginative vehicle names, how did you come up with the name "Bulldozer"?

452, 2015-01-12T22:24:12Z (last edited: 452, 2015-01-12T22:24:22Z)
At PAX Prime, there were only 19 weapons - which was the final weapon added after PAX Prime?
At PAX Prime, there were a total of 101 Challenges - which Challenge was removed?
452, 2015-01-23T14:33:06Z (last edited: 452, 2015-01-23T14:35:38Z)
Is the Manapult named such because Genki is a Cat... or is this a coincidence?
452, 2015-05-01T14:48:23Z
Since I had to ask "Are Gat and Lin related?" to put and end to people making stupid assumptions, it seems that someone is going to have to also ask "Are Cyrus and Jessica related?" in order to stop people from doing the same.
452, 2015-08-17T15:35:35Z (last edited: 452, 2015-08-17T15:35:54Z)
What's with the bowling pins?
452, 2016-03-29T03:21:23Z

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