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This discussion is related to the Character to-do list.


The player character of the Saints Row series does not have a name, or a consistent title.
What title do you think should be used for the article about the main character? Please post any reasons for any particular title.

The article here on the player character was created as "The Silent Protagonist", before being renamed to "The Protagonist" when Saints Row 2 was released.

The problem with this is that the game never refers to the player as "The Protagonist", which makes it an odd choice for an article title. This wiki extensively uses the term "The Protagonist", simply due to it being the title of the article.

But nothing is set in stone, and there's no reason the article cannot be renamed to a more appropriate title.

The very first thing that the player is called in the series is "Playa", during the The Streets of Stilwater opening cutscene. Julius, Johnny and Dex often call the player "Playa", so it seems to be the choice which makes the most sense. The use of the slang spelling "Playa" is good, because the word "Playa" can be used to refer to the character, and the word "Player" can be safely used to refer to the user playing the game.

In Saints Row 2, and The Third, the Player is sometimes referred to as "Boss"

  • "Boss" is never used in Saints Row.
  • Unlike the word "Playa", "Boss" is used to refer to another character - Ben King is called "boss" by Tony Green.
  • The term "Boss" is also used in the generic sense, as in "Gang Boss", whereas the word "playa" is always used when addressing the Player, and never generically.

Additionally, there is the matter of "Used most often".

  • "Playa" is used 40 times in the series.
  • "Boss" is used 23 times in the series.

Other obvious options are Player, Player Character or Main Character.

More discussion: Talk:The_Protagonist#More_Interesting_Name.3F

I first posted this as a poll, but I realize that that was the wrong format for this discussion, because the reason behind the choice is more important than the choice itself, so please post your opinion here in the comments, as well as why you think that title is better.

Can anyone give a reason why "The Protagonist" article should not be renamed "Playa", since this is the most consistent thing the player character is called in the game?

Can anyone give any reason at all why the article should remain as "The Protagonist", given that this title is never used by the game?

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