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452 September 20, 2013 User blog:452

The Wikia Terms of Use have been updated.

You can see the changes by clicking here.

452, Why are you posting about Wikia Terms of Use? What does that have to do with the Saints Row Wiki?

I'm glad you asked! It's news here because several "local rules" are now "global rules".

Previously, all "Community Guidelines" have been local-policies which all wikis were free to alter. And they were just that "guidelines", but now, they're part of the Wikia Terms of Use, which means that violation of the Community Guidelines can get you globally banned from Wikia.

Here are some highlights, which were already against the local policies here, and for which I will now be reporting to Wikia Staff, rather than just blocking locally.

  • "It goes without saying that harassment, threats, bullying and intimidation are not okay."
    • The Saints Row Wiki has previously had a policy of year-long blocks for any harassment.
  • "Respect people's privacy"
    • Privacy invasion comes up surprisingly infrequently, but I've always classified it as harassment anyway.
  • "Attribute fairly" - "it's always polite to give the proper attribution."
    • We've had problems now and then with people not attributing content, so it's great that this is stated.
  • "no language or content that disparages others on the basis of their race, gender, sexuality, religion, country of origin and so on."
    • More than "language or content", the policy of this wiki is still "no discrimination of any kind".

Something surprising:

  • "On most wikis, this includes nudity (including bare breasts and butts). Artistic nudity may be allowed - for example a classical painting, or a small amount of nudity from a game screenshot. "
    • We've previously had in-game images of Shaundi randomly deleted by Wikia Staff, so it's great that that this language specifically allows nudity in game screenshots.

Something worrying:

  • "Content that describes violent or non-consensual sex is expressly prohibited."
    • I'm worried about the Rectifier, since it's a tool for violent rape, which has already been determined to be against similar laws forbidding such depictions.

A clarification:

  • "Don't do anything illegal on Wikia, or encourage other people to."
    • While this goes without saying, I've contacted Wikia Staff to ask what discussion is permitted, and they've confirmed that it's perfectly fine for people to admit that they are "pirates" and to discuss things which are possible in "pirated" games, but the line is drawn at encouraging people, or providing instructions.
    • So, the Saints Row Wiki policy remains the same: no links or instructions to break laws or EULAs.

Summary: The Saints Row Wiki doesn't discriminate. It doesn't matter where you are, what platform you use, or how much you paid for the game. What matters is that you're a good contributor who provides valid information and doesn't discriminate. :)

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