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Posted by User452 on 2011-03-20 16:48:44

Ok, what have I done since my last post?

  • All weapon pages now have:
    • Model image
    • Cheat
    • Cleaned up so the real life weapons are mentioned in the trivia, and the images are in the gallery
    • Section titles
    • Availability info (only when relevant)
    • (I have not yet added prices to them all, I'll do that some other day.)
  • Apparently I discovered that some of the the SR1 weapon models were still seen in the background and cutscenes. Matched up photos to names.
  • Created the article on Hail to the Chief - it was bugging me that it was missing.
  • Added maps to Saints Row Loft, Stilwater Memorial Church and Mount Claflin
  • Added notes about the Saints Row 1 locations of several Saints Row 2 cribs.
  • Noted that hurricane variants can be obtained easily, once you have a single one.
  • Added CD images to Scratch That
  • Upgraded several other images to higher quality.
  • Apparently discovered a variant glitch (Try to have "Stored Vehicle Delivery" give you a Estrada, Warrant, Mix Master or City Waste Truck)
  • Added special license plates to vehicle pages.
  • Created a user page listing all vehicle variants and spawn locations.
  • Created the article on the Fire Truck diversion.
  • Added many facts about the Fire Extinguisher
  • Updated Map with info and trivia.

I've also found the last stunt jump and tag, so my save file finally reads "100%". I know, easy stuff, but i've been putting off doing that to work on this wiki :)

452 - 2011-03-20 16:48:44

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