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Posted by 452 on 2011-11-27 09:25:26

Please take this poll, it will decide whether small articles subjects with very little available information should have a dedicated article, or a section on a larger page.

The current notability policy on this wiki is that a subject must be able to be linked from multiple pages to warrant having a dedicated article, and that the information in those articles is merged with larger articles.
This policy has been applied to pages such as the Stilwater Seal, Mr Wong's dog Sadie, various Stilwater Businesses and Brands, and the DJs for each Radio Station. All information on the stub articles about businesses, brands and DJs was merged into the larger articles about the subjects, making the large articles better, and reducing the number of small, uninteresting articles which do not have any other articles linking to them.
If a Character does not get a dedicated article, then their info is merged with whichever article is relevant to them. All information is kept.
Many Activity cutscene characters have already been merged, see Characters in Saints Row#Cutscene characters for a list of minor characters who do not have their own articles.

The results previous poll, about Hitman Targets, also agreed with this policy, and the individual Hitman Target pages were merged into a single page. This made complete sense, as the individual Hitman Targets were only linked from the Hitman list anyway, so there was no point in having each target on a separate page.

As with the Hitman poll, this has nothing to do with "completeness". All information is kept either way. Putting a small amount of information in a stub article is no more complete than putting the information as a section in a larger article. Having the information as part of a larger article improves the quality of the larger article.

This poll is to decide whether minor characters who only appear in one mission should have their own article.
The best example of this is the Ramon article, Ramon is a character who has a brief appearance in the mission Three Kings, and is never mentioned in any other mission or cutscene.
Ramon is only linked from the Three Kings mission article, so there is no reason for him to have his own dedicated article.
If it is decided that minor Mission characters should be merged, then Ramon article would be merged with the Three Kings mission article, and the page would redirect to that article.
There will be no information deleted from this wiki, and his name will still be linkable and searchable.

There are again 3 options in this poll:

  • A. Major Characters get a dedicated article only if their character page has incoming links from multiple pages, which means they appear in multiple missions/activities
No information would be deleted, their information will be included on larger articles.
This would result in the merging of several minor character pages, such as Ramon.
  • B. Minor Characters get a dedicated article if they appear in one mission, but not if they only appear in the activity/mission cutscene.
No information would be deleted, their information will be included on larger articles.
This would result in no real change occurring, as this is the current policy.
  • C. Minor Characters get a dedicated article if they appear only once in a cutscene, resulting in dozens of stub articles containing very little information, and few incoming links.
This would result in the creating of stub articles about minor characters would are only mentioned once, and are not linked from multiple pages, and increasing the number of articles containing very little information.

Please see Top 10 list:Minor Characters to take the poll.

For more history about this, or to discuss the pros and cons and post your opinion, See Talk:Minor_characters

Results January 5th, 2012.

  • B - 40
  • C - 14
  • A - 6

Option B is far enough in the lead after just over a month to call this.

The result confirms my opinion that all mission characters and locations get dedicated articles, but not if they only appear in a cutscene.

Thanks everyone for voting.

452, 2011-11-27T09:25:26Z (last edited: 452, 2013-05-01T10:57:59Z)

Option A, less clutter.
IJordon, 2011-11-27T13:06:58Z
Please see Top 10 list:Minor Characters to take the poll.
If you wish to discuss the pros and cons and post your opinion, see: Talk:Minor_characters
452, 2011-11-27T13:16:44Z
It'll be easier to oversee less articles with more detail. This should keep content quality higher by keeping maintenance manageable. After all, Saints Row isn't a largely lore-driven game, so including all kinds of articles for minor characters is really just superfluous and makes the wiki less of a information base and more of a hobby for people who like to type a lot.
Incrognito, 2012-01-05T17:17:33Z
After the first confused comment to this post, I locked comments to prevent it from happening again. Yesterday, when editing in the results, I unlocked comments. In light of another confused comment, I'm wondering how many people tried to leave a comment over the last month, couldn't, and didn't find the link to the actual poll.
452, 2012-01-05T19:41:57Z

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