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Posted by 452 on 2013-09-07 00:29:39

We currently have a bit of an issue about about what we should do about similar vehicle articles.

So far, the rule of thumb on the wiki has always been:

If it has a different name in the garage, it gets a dedicated article.

This might seem pretty obvious, but it's important because some vehicles have multiple names. Such as these Saints Row 2 vehicles:

These vehicles are literally the same. When you take them to the Car Mechanic, they have the same options, and they have all the same handling data.

They are as much the same vehicle as hard-top and convertible variants of other vehicles are the same. In fact, due to a programming error, when you use the Vehicle Delivery homie, these variants display the original name of the vehicle, proving beyond any doubt that they are the same. (This bug was fixed in SRTT)

However, they've always had separate articles, because they have different display names, so to the layman, they're different vehicles.

Saints Row: The Third does not use alternate display names for variants, with the exception of the Longhauler/Mix Master, carried over from Saints Row 2.

However, Saints Row: The Third introduced several separate vehicles which are clearly based on existing vehicles.

There are several DLC vehicles which are simply reskins, but are defined as separate vehicles due to the fact they are DLC. Since they also had different names, it seemed simple enough at the time to just have separate articles, although they are basically the same vehicle.

Saints Row IV has messed things up a little, as the Wraith is now actually a variant of the Attrazione, and not a separate vehicle.


Reward vehicles which are variants:

Reward vehicles which are separate vehicles:

As you can see, it's kind of all over the place.

Since there are all kinds of unique variants with the same name anyway, I don't know why I didn't just propose merging all "same vehicles" years ago. Which is what I am formally doing now.

I propose merging all of the above variant into their respective base vehicle articles.

After all of that, we're still left with

I propose:

Option 1
  • Fer de Lance, covering the SR1 Fer de Lance and the SRIV Peacemaker.
  • Peacemaker, covering the SRTT Peacemaker and the SRIV Pacemaker.

With a notice at the top of the Peacemaker article to see the Fer de Lance article, and redirect for the Pacemaker.

Why? Because they are the same vehicle.

  • The internal name for the Fer de Lance is car_2dr_exoticsports02
  • The internal name for the SRIV Peacemaker is car_2dr_exoticsports02
Option 2
  • Fer de Lance
  • Peacemaker - disambiguation page
  • Peacemaker (Saints Row: The Third)
  • Peacemaker (Saints Row IV)
  • Pacemaker
  • Taxi
  • Taxi (Saints Row IV)

The original Taxi would not have games in the title, because it appeared in three games.
All of these would have disambig links to the other articles.

Option 3
  • Fer de Lance
  • Peacemaker - covering the original
  • Peacemaker (Fer de Lance)
  • Pacemaker
  • Taxi
  • Taxi (Kayak)

For now, we make them separate articles, and after they've been pimped out, we compare them and see if there is any merit to keeping them separate.
That's what has happened with the SR2 variants: They have been separate, but taking a good look at them now, it's obvious that they should be merged.

We may find that there's little unique info in the any one of those articles, but the best way to find out is to just try them separately and review them later.

18:01, January 17, 2015 (UTC)

As of Jan 2015, the articles are

452, 2013-09-07T00:29:39Z (last edited: 452, 2016-03-12T03:17:08Z)

Some alternatives:
  • Peacemaker (Saints Row: The Third) and Peacemaker (Saints Row IV)
  • Peacemaker (SPD) and Peacemaker (ZPD)
  • Peacemaker (Steelport) and Peacemaker (Simulation)
452, 2013-09-07T00:38:00Z
I agree with the alternatives
  • Peacemaker (SPD) and Peacemaker (ZPD)
But the Pacemaker and the Pacemaker are not the same in a way, because of their Modifications. So I think it's better to separate them.
However, i totaly agree with merging the variant with their respective base article. So, in example the Wireframe Peacemaker merge with Peacemaker (ZPD).
Gicombat, 2013-09-12T20:12:19Z
  • But the Pacemaker and the Pacemaker are not the same in a way, because of their Modifications
Modification options change for all vehicles between games.
452, 2013-09-12T20:14:14Z
Yes, you're right. But the Peacemaker doesn't share the same name with the Pacemaker, it's very similar, but it's not the same. My opinion is to keep the Peacemaker and the Pacemaker separate, but it's only my opinion
Gicombat, 2013-09-12T20:22:19Z
But the Peacemaker doesn't share the same name with the Pacemaker, it's very similar, but it's not the same.
So, I guess you think that the Stilwater Municipal and Steelport Municipal are different vehicles also?
452, 2013-09-12T20:35:01Z
And I forgot all about the new Kayak Taxi, which is obviously a very different vehicle to the previous Taxi.
Perhaps there's an alternative naming scheme we could use:
  • Taxi
  • Taxi (Kayak)
  • Peacemaker
  • Peacemaker (Fer de Lance)
452, 2013-09-13T22:39:04Z
I was originally opposed to "Peacemaker (Saints Row: The Third) and Peacemaker (Saints Row IV)", but since we already have "Huntersfield (Saints Row) and Huntersfield (Saints Row 2)", it actually seems like the most sensible choice.
Although, using it with the Taxi complicates things.
  • Taxi
  • Taxi (Saints Row IV)
  • Peacemaker (Saints Row: The Third)
  • Peacemaker (Saints Row IV)
452, 2013-09-15T17:08:19Z
Hum, yeah, because they don't share the same name. But I know I'm contradicting myself with what I said earlier with the variants.
Gicombat, 2013-09-15T20:28:34Z
What about 1 infobox for Taxi in SR, SR2 and SRTT and other infobox for Taxi in SRIV? And same for Peacemakers?
TheMoonLightman, 2013-10-12T04:59:03Z
No, if an article needs two infoboxes, then it needs two articles.
The Taxi in SR1+2 shares nothing in common with the Taxi in SR4 - well, apart from the name, but it's in no way the same vehicle.
452, 2013-11-23T18:04:08Z
Peacemaker has now been split into:
I still can't think of any better solution than this.
452, 2014-02-09T00:17:12Z
For now, I'm just going to move SRIV Taxi details to Kayak - because that's what it is.
452, 2014-02-09T00:23:03Z
There's a slight problem with merging the SR2 variants, because the Melbourne in SR2 is renamed Estrada in Saints Row 3 and 4.
452, 2014-02-09T05:58:17Z
Same with the Mix Master also. Other variants appear in SR2 only and can be merged I guess...
TheMoonLightman, 2014-02-09T06:36:44Z
I guess it's not really a problem, since it's still the same vehicle, and Cocks, Pussies and other pages give precedence to using the original name and just redirecting the updated name.
452, 2014-02-20T02:28:07Z
So SRTT Peacemaker (Pacemaker_Police) does appear in Saints Row IV (with different exhaust tips) and is a variant.
  • It reads "Peacemaker" in Garage menu
  • It reads "Pacemaker" when the cheat to add it to Garage is enabled and in Vehicle Delivery menu
  • Its logo is same as SRIV Peacemaker
TheMoonLightman, 2014-05-16T05:00:23Z
Woah, it's been a year already. I'm doing this soon, maybe today.
452, 2014-09-12T23:47:44Z
I never considered whether the named variant redirects should remain categorised.
I think it might be a good idea to do so.
Edit: and Pacemaker is already categorised, so I either previously assumed "keep", or simply forgot to remove it.
452, 2014-09-23T13:22:50Z (last edited: 452, 2014-09-23T13:25:07Z)
I also think they should, similar to how Steelport Municipal is categorised as a vehicle in SRTT and SRIV (even though it isn't a variant but a renamed vehicle).
TheMoonLightman, 2014-09-24T10:34:50Z
All of the proposed merges have now been completed.
I should probably go through sometime and make sure that all of the redirects remained categorised.
452, 2015-01-17T18:21:13Z

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