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Posted by 452 on 2011-04-24 03:01:25

Well, almost perfect.

What's done:

  • Marker placement within 1px. I'm happy with it, and I'm done fiddling with the numbers.
  • Scaling is working beautifully. All city-wide images must be scaled to 75% before unloading here, but map markers are being placed after scaling, so there is no loss of quality.
  • Label placement.
  • Grayscaling areas outside the notable area, which is more useful than just cutting that info out.

What's undone:

  • Rounding errors due to scaling. I wouldn't have noticed except for the fact I had to merge two maps due to the Secret Areas being off the Map. If i hadn't been lazy and had changed the code to resize the image then place the markers, Iw wouldn't have noticed that there are slight rounding errors due to the high number of significant digits. Still, all markers are within ± 1px, which is the best I can get. At least now I understand why I was getting unexpected results when fiddling with the numbers. The problem is that I'm never explicitly rounding the numbers, I'm just passing teh float and having it converted to an int at the last minute.
  • There isn't a standard format for marker names, so I need to write custom code for each set of markers. Not a big deal in most cases, except I spent an hour staring at the screen trying to work out why my variables didn't match before realising that one file was in unicode and the other was in ansi. Thanks Volition!
  • I'm part-way through splitting the map into neighborhoods, but it takes a while to do. Once I've split the master map, I'll apply various markers to each neighborhood at full resolution and add them to each neighborhood page.
  • The interior maps, such as the mall, are scaled differently than the full map I have, so I'm probably going to need to manually scale each set of interior markers. Which wouldn't be too bad, except for the fact there are 126 interior maps.
  • I'm still trying to find where the ambient Easter Egg sounds are defined. (Such as the Cemetery Horror sounds)

452 - 2011-04-24 03:01:25

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