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  • (Weapon) - Move "requirement" values to the "unlockable" field in weapon infoboxes (complete)
  • (Weapon) - Move "missions" values to the "featured" field in weapon infoboxes (complete)
Weapon AKA Unlockable Used Featured Notes

Commander-in-Chief Pack DLC

.44 Shepherd

3 Cribs SR
5 Hoods SR2

Mr. Wong
Vice Kings

12 Gauge

5 HoodsSR2

Sons of Samedi

45 Shepherd

7 Deadly Weapons - Envy

Uriels Edge

Marshalling Grounds

7 Deadly Weapons - Gluttony

Last Supper


7 Deadly Weapons - Greed

Diamond Sting

Sinterpol Armory


7 Deadly Weapons - Lust

Boom Chicka


7 Deadly Weapons - Pride

Gallows Dodger


7 Deadly Weapons - Sloth


Take A Break

7 Deadly Weapons - Wrath

Ark Of The Covenant


AR-40 Xtnd

4 Cribs SR
12 Hoods SR2



18 Hoods

AR-50 w/Grenade Launcher

Combat Tricks

Laundry Day

Speed: 35. Under-barrel grenade launcher uses Thrown inventory.


The Belgian Problem

Melee: AK


12 Hoods

Airborne Assault

AS12 Riot

AS14 Hammer

18 Hoods

AS3 Ultimax

Melee: shotgun

Abduction Gun


Alien Pistol


He Lives

Dual Wieldable
Melee: Pistol

Alien RPG

Super Powered Zin
The Protagonist[13]

Grand Finale

Alien Rifle

Alien SMG


Dual Wieldable
Melee: Pistol

Annihilator RPG


Speed: 8. Laser guided and lock on.


Murderbrawl XXXI (optional)

Flags: no human shield, no hide on sprint, allow grenades, bullets damage tanks, explosions damage tanks

Auto Laser


Space Amazons

Hangar 18 1/2

mission only

Automatic Rifle

Baseball Bat

1 Crib

Professor Genki Mascots

Aluminium SR2




no human shield

Black Hole Launcher


The Protagonist[31]

Bling Shotgun

Bounce Rifle

Bounce Gun[32]

Power Up CID

The Protagonist[33]

Bullets ricochet on most enemies, cannot damage Vehicles, infinite magazine, Zin weapon

Burst Rifle


Butterfly Knife

Gangs and Civilians

Balisong used by .


Crowd Control

Zombie Uprising, FUZZ

Special kill animation.


2 Cribs

Brotherhood, 3rd Street Saints

Cyber Blaster

dual wieldable, infinite magazine

Cyber Buster


one shot shatter, infinite magazine, unlimited ammo
Melee: AK

D4TH Blossom

Decker Specialists

Dual Wieldable
Melee: pistol


Reunion Tour


De Plane Boss

The Protagonist

Instakills most enemies, infinite magazines, Zin weapon.

Dual Samurai Swords


Kanto Connection

Dubstep Gun

Campaign Trail of Destruction, Hello Teacup

The Protagonist[35]

Dubstep Gun (DLC Remix)

Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack

EDF Scout

EDF Scout

Speed: 55
Rapid fire with Laser Tracking

Electric Grenades

Flags: explosions damage tanks
Fuse: 3s

Energy Sword

The Ronin
Nyte Blayde
The Protagonist

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Truck

Refilled at fire hydrants.[36]


Thank You and Goodnight!

Speed: 35
Fuse: 2000






"Veteran Child" SR2

Speed: 35
Fuse: 2s

GAL 43


Riot Control
Eternal Sunshine

GDHC .50

4 CribsSR
5 HoodsSR2

GL G20

one shot shatter, underslung fine aim, show reserve in hud
Melee: AK
Fuse: 3.25s

Gat Mobile

Gat Mobile

Geiger Counter

Waste Not Want Not

Genki Manapult

Gods Hammer

Rally Blackbeard

Gold Plated GDHC .50


Grave Digger

3rd Street Saints[37]
The Syndicate

underslung fine aim
Melee: shotgun

Grenade Launcher

Enter the Dominatrix DLC

Save the Planet

Hand Grenade

Grenades SRTT

1 Crib SR
12 Hoods SR2

Speed: 35
Fuse: 2s

Hazing Paddle

Heavy Minigun

Enter the Dominatrix DLC

Heavy Pistol

Dual Wieldable

Heavy SMG

Zero Saints Thirty

Dual Wieldable


Flags: unlockable, no human shield, no hide on sprint, no jump, no crouch, underslung fine aim, infinite magazine, drops with full reserve
Melee: minigun
Mesh: brute_flame


Fun Trumps All

Usable when driving

K-8 Krukov

The Belgian Problem

Melee: AK

K6 Krukov

KA-1 Kobra

Cyrus Temple[50]
Steelport Police

dual wieldable


1 Crib





Laser Beam

F-69 VTOL, Crusader

Laser Beam


Laser Cannon


Space Amazons

Hangar 18 1/2

mission only

Laser Pistol


Space Amazons

Hangar 18 1/2

mission only

Lasergun Arm



All Hands on Deck

Lil' Croaker

M2 Grenade Launcher

Melee: AK
Fuse: 2s


Sons of Samedi

African bush knife.


McManus Says Hello

McManus 2010

18 Hoods

McManus 2015

The Belgian Problem

one shot shatter

Mech Suit

Grand Finale Part Four

The Protagonist[52][53]

Matt's Back
Welcome Back
Mech Suit Mayhem

Minethrower Arm

Secret Admirer



The Siege

Delay as the weapon warms up.


Speed: 55

Mollusk Launcher

Flags: no hide on sprint, manually detonates
Projectile: sticky
Melee: RPG

Molotov Cocktail


1 CribSR
8 HoodsSR2

Speed: 35
Creates a fire.

Mounted .50 cal

Speed: 35


2 CribsSR
2 HoodsSR2


Dropped by Police



Nyte Blayde

Flags: no human shield, no hide on sprint, allow grenades, left hand

Pepper Spray

5 Hoods, Crowd Control

Civilians, Law Enforcement

Pimp Cane

Snatch SR
Pyramid Scheme SR2

Used as a cane while walking.

Pimp Slap

Cheats and multiplayer only

Pipe Bomb

1 CribSR
10 HoodsSR2

Speed: 35
Fuse: 2.5s

Platinum AS12 Riot


Platinum RPG


Platinum T3K Urban


Plunger Gun

Grass Roots Pack

The Protagonist

Pump-Action Shotgun

Quickshot Pistol

A Pleasant Day

Dual Wieldable

RC Possessor

Projectile: sticky
Melee: pistol


The Saints Flow

The Protagonist[58]
Saints Flow Mascots

A Pleasant Day
The Saints Flow
King Me

RPG Launcher

1 Crib SR, 18 Hoods SR2


Speed: 55

Rapid-Fire SMG


Dual Wieldable
Melee: Pistol

Reaper Drone

We're Going to Need Guns

The Protagonist[59]

no human shield, alt fire
Melee: AK

Rectifier Probe

The Rectifier[60]

Riot Shield

Flags: allow grenades, no human shield, no jump, no crouch, no hide on sprint

S3X Hammer

Gang Bang

SA-3 Airstrike

Melee: AK

SKR-7 Spree

3 Cribs


SKR-9 Threat

5 Hoods

3rd Street Saints
The Brotherhood
The Ronin
Sons of Samedi

Saints Flow

Send in the Clones

Saints Flow

Send in the Clones

Samurai Sword

The Ronin

Usable while riding a motorbike.

Satchel Charge

Hitman SR2
My Name is Cyrus Temple SRTT

Jailbreak, Elysian Fields Trailer Park

Speed: 35
Detonates on command.

Semi-Auto Shotgun

Simulated Instruction


underslung fine aim, infinite magazine

Shock Hammer

left hand
alt model RocketHammer_VR in mission

Shock Paddles

Ambulance EMT

Ambulance EMT


Devil's Workshop Pack


5 Hoods

The Brotherhood

Shares Baseball Bat animations.

Sniper Rifle

The Saints Flow

Mr. X

Flags: can zoom, one shot shatter, melee can dislodge movers, allow offhand grenade, do not hide when sprinting, bullets can hit multiple humans, bullets damage tanks

Sonic Boom

Air Steelport

Melee: shotgun_small


Septic Avenger

Stun Gun

2 Hoods

Stilwater Police Department

When equipped, homies use pistols

Suit Blaster

Suppression Grenade

When a Plan Comes Together


When a Plan Comes Together

Flags: explosions damage tanks


bee gun


Tour de Farce

Flags: mission_only_item

T3K Urban

2 Cribs SR
Hitman SR

Sons of Samedi
The Ronin


Asha Odekar[63]
The Protagonist[63]

The Case of Mr. X

Flags: allow offhand grenade, do not hide when sprinting, no random give

TEK Z-10

The Protagonist[9]
3rd Street Saints[64]
The Syndicate

Dual Wieldable
Melee: Pistol


Moneyshot Pack

allow grenades, no hide on sprint, can zoom

Tentacle Bat

The Penetrator

Dildo BatSRIV

The Protagonist

no human shield, no hide on sprint


Super-powered Zin

Tiny Pistol

Loud Locust


2 Cribs

Stilwater Police Department
3rd Street Saints


1 HoodSR2

Stilwater Police Department[65]

Viper Laser Rifle

Gang Bang

Melee: AK

Warped Weapon

Weapon - The Polarizer[66]

Gamestop Weapon Contest DLC


Murderbrawl XXXI (Friendly Fire)

The Protagonist[67]

Murderbrawl XXXI

no hide on sprint, no human shield, no crouch

XS-2 Ultimax

Drug Trafficking

Xmas BB Gun

Miracle on 3rd Street

Miracle on 3rd Street

ZinTek Force Shield


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I can't quite remember what the original purpose of having the unlockables field be boolean. I guess it might have been just a way to quickly see whether or not a weapon is unlockable.
From the usage, it appears that some people haven't understood it's a boolean field.
I think it might be a good idea to get rid of "requirement" and just merge it with "unlockable", but I'm going to try and find out if there's a reason to keep them separate.
Edit: oops, I suggested merging them in Oct 2013: Template talk:weapon
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Ok. Right now:
  • If the "requirement" value is filled in, it is used in the "unlockable" field
  • If not, and the "unlockable" value is yes/1/true, "Yes" is displayed
  • If there is no "requirement" value, and the the "unlockable" value is not yes/1/true, the "unlockable" value is displayed.
  • If none of the above, "No" is displayed.
I'm pretty sure this should handle all circumstances, and all existing cases.
edit: Except Behemoth, which used a 0 in the unlockable field, and therefore displayed "0" instead of "No".
Once all "requirement" values have been changed to "unlockable" values, I'll update the template to remove the special handling.
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The older usage being "missions". It has been changed the "Featured" because weapons can be featured in activities too, and the field isn't for "appears in missions", it's for "Featured in missions", which may not always be the same.
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Many thanks for User:Six18 for updating a bunch of these pages.
For anyone else who wants to help, basically, edit the pages which have values in the "requirement" and "missions" columns.
  • The "missions" needs to be renamed to "featured"
  • The value of "requirement" needs to be move to the "unlockable" field, and removed.
At the end, the "requirement" and "missions" columns must be empty, and the "unlockable" column shouldn't have "Yes" or "1" in it any more. (No is fine, obviously.)
It's not important to update pages which don't use the requirement and missions fields, but you can if you like. (Also, it's impossible to tell from this table which ones those are.)
Of course, if you're editing a page to update one, you should also update the other, even if blank.
Once all the used fields are updated, I'll remove support for them from the template, so they cannot be used in future.
If these instructions aren't clear, look at Special:Contributions/Six18
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After Six18's second round of edits, there are 30 left - this list has again been purged to be current.
edit: All done!
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