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452 November 6, 2014 User blog:452
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This discussion is related to the Quote to-do list.

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This discussion is related to the Mission to-do list.


It has come to my attention that there are many mistakes in the subtitles on this wiki.

I added the full list of subtitles to this wiki specifically so that this would avoided, and I made the assumption that users adding transcripts to articles were using the subtitles to build these transcripts, and then made the mistake of not verifying that this was being done.

I have compared the lines on "Portal:Quotes" with the lines on the "subtitle pages", and generated a list of 2361 possibly incorrect lines. There may be false positives, but there are many confirmed inaccurate subtitles and the only way to confirm is by manual checking.

I have put the list on Saints Row Wiki:Sandbox/incorrect subtitles, so that other users can strike out entries when they have been fixed.

Page deleted, as all subtitles have been replaced

Unfortunately, this is only inaccuracies on mission pages, it's highly likely that some users have used incorrect quotes on character pages as well - either through copying them from the mission pages, or simply making them up. (I have copied transcripts from mission pages myself, because I assumed that the mission page transcripts were correct.)

There are more missions than characters, and mission pages contain full transcripts, so the first step in ensuring that all quotes on the wiki are correct is to fix them on mission articles.

Unfortunately, there are some cases where mistake would not be found: if "So..." is correct in one line, and "So?" is correct in another, an incorrect "So..." would not be caught. Unfortunately, the only way to catch every error is manually comparing every dialogue block, or recreating them completely.

Portal:Quotes can be used to search for these strings, and determine which page they are from, but given the number of incorrect subtitles, it would take less time to simple go article-by-article and verify each subtitle line-by-line.

Saints Row

User_blog:452/SR1 subtitles

There are 1792 subtitle lines in SR1

This wiki contains 951 unique lines in dialogue templates in SR1 mission articles.

736 match in-game subtitles, but 210 of those are wrong: they do not appear on the subtitle page.

Saints Row 2

User_blog:452/SR2 subtitles

There are 3093 subtitle lines in SR2

This wiki contains 2039 unique lines in dialogue templates in SR2 mission articles.

1099 match in-game subtitles, but 940 of those are wrong: they do not appear on the subtitle page.

Note: Those numbers are correct: there are more wrong than right.

(edit: There were a few hundred "wrong" because of Wikia not supporting double-spacing)

Saints Row: The Third

User_blog:452/SRTT subtitles, User_blog:452/SRTT Dialogue blocks

There are 13446 subtitle lines in SRTT, 10270 unique (due to some lines shared between player voices)

This wiki contains 5649 unique lines in dialogue templates in SRTT mission articles.

4525 match in-game subtitles, but 1124 of those are wrong: they do not appear on the subtitle page.

Saints Row IV

User_blog:452/SRIV subtitles, User_blog:452/SRIV Dialogue blocks

There are 10026 subtitle lines in SRIV

This wiki contains 1364 unique lines in dialogue templates in SRIV mission articles.

1277 match in-game subtitles, but 87 of those are wrong: they do not appear on the subtitle page.

Note: Not all SRIV mission articles have subtitles, and i have been monitoring additions.

Unsorted dialogue blocks have been added to all SRIV mission articles, and I will monitor them for changes.

I have updated Saints Row Wiki:Sandbox/incorrect subtitles with lists showing which quotes are in which article. 169 of 184 mission articles containing Template:Dialogue have been confirmed to contain quotes which do not match quotes on the subtitle lists.

That page has now been deleted, as all subtitles have now been replaced.

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