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Posted by 452 on 2016-03-05 16:14:44

The image policy here is very simple, but Saints Row Wiki:File Policies has ended up to be pretty long, so here's a different version of it.

Am I allowed to upload this image?


  • A better quality image already exists on the wiki
  • The image is poorly named
  • The image has no purpose
  • The image is somehow deceptive

Images may be immediately deleted for any of these 4 reasons.

Am I allowed to replace this image with a better one?

Replacing images with higher quality versions is encouraged. Category:Image requests contains a long list of files which need to be replaced, but you can replace any image with a better quality one, or mark any low quality image for replacement so that others know about it.

Here are some reasons to replace an image, or to mark an image for replacement:

  • Blurry
  • TV photo
  • Low quality
  • Watermarked
  • Low resolution
  • Incorrect aspect ratio
  • Screenshot of youtube video
  • Edited, including borders or writing
  • Modded content visible for no reason
  • The Protagonist is in view for no reason
  • Subject is obscured, unclear, or in the background
  • Screenshot was taken at night and would be clearer in the daytime

Low quality images are allowed to be uploaded, because a low quality photo of a TV is better than none at all, but should be eventually replaced by a higher quality screenshot.

For a full explanation of all image policies, see Saints Row Wiki:File Policies.

452 - 2016-03-05 16:14:44

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