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Posted by 452 on 2013-09-09 17:31:27

Categorising images has never been a high priority around here, as can be seen on Special:UncategorizedFiles

A few years ago, a Wikia staff member dropped by with a bot and automatically categorised all existing files into Category:Images and Category:Sound files, but that hasn't happened since.

The only image category I personally care about is Category:Non-article files, which contains images solely for user pages, or for behind the scenes use. Files in this category are excluded from the Template:Random/Image and a few other places.

I realised recently that I can mass-add the "Images" category myself, but there's really no benefit to that, so I haven't done it.

A month or two ago, someone added every single picture of Shaundi, ever, to the Shaundi article. That was undone, because having a slideshow of 100+ images isn't really useful.

However, some people might want to actually see "every picture of Shaundi, ever", so perhaps this could be solved by using categories.

I can, fairly easily, automatically categorise all images on the wiki. The question is: how specific should the categories be?

  • Missions: Should all Mission images just go under "Category:Mission images", or should they go under "Category:Mission images/Brotherhood"?
    • It seems worthwhile to split mission images by Gang.
  • Characters: Should every character get their own category?
    • "Category:Character images/Shaundi" seems worthwhile, but "Category:Character images/Richie" doesn't
    • Perhaps only a category if the appear in multiple games? Does Legal Lee count? Where do we draw the line?
    • Should all characters who don't need dedicated categories, like Richie, just be put into "Category:Character images", or "Category:Character images/Saints Row 2 misc"?
  • Vehicles: "Category:Vehicles" seems fine, unless we split by game, which isn't easy for vehicles in multiple games
  • Weapons: "Category:Weapons" seems fine, unless we split by game, which isn't easy for weapons in multiple games
  • Activities: "Category:Activities" seems unnecessary.
  • Locations: Includes all Stores and Neighborhoods. I can't really see any good way to split them into specific categories.

After discussion to decide how specific the categories should be, I'll do this.

452, 2013-09-09T17:31:27Z (last edited: 452, 2015-02-01T03:18:05Z)

I can only automatically do images by the article they're currently in.
So, while mission categories should be easy, character categories aren't - because I can't automatically categorise images in mission articles by character. (I can do it semi-automatically if the filename contains the character name)
What we really need is someone who is interested in dedicating some time to going through a bunch of images and categorising them.
I can generate lists of image links for easy access.
452, 2013-11-17T18:10:27Z
Over a year, and no replies.
From this, I can only assume that no-one has any interest in browsing images by category, and I have proposed Category:Images for deletion.
452, 2014-11-30T18:01:03Z (last edited: 452, 2015-01-01T03:03:44Z)

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