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Posted by 452 on 2011-08-27 00:10:11

I'm not sure how to handle the Hitman Targets, so I've created a poll to find out what everyone else thinks.
Right now, something has to change, and there's 3 different ways it could be done. They all have their pros and cons. One extreme is having a single very long article, the other extreme is having a bunch of really short articles.

See Top 10 list:Hitman Targets to take the poll.

As of the 5th of October, option A, the one page solution, has won the poll, and the draft has replaced the Hitman and Hitman Targets articles, the individual pages will be deleted soon.

We currently have:

  • The Hitman article, which does not currently list the targets
  • The Hitman Targets article, which is just a list of targets
  • The Hitman/Draft test page, which combines Hitman and Hitman Targets
  • 28 Hitman Target pages, one for each Hitman Target in Saints Row 2

The options are:

452, 2011-08-27T00:10:11Z (last edited: 452, 2013-01-30T03:51:20Z)

To be honest, individual pages for targets would be a lot of work, but it'd increase the number of pages, and people tend to celebrate of that.
Muthaphukkin Jake, 2011-09-13T03:24:55Z
its reallly easy just do the one at the prison first
Soufboi21, 2011-09-15T15:35:51Z
What are you talking about?
452, 2011-09-16T00:01:50Z
he's thinking you are talking about the in game stuff, soufboi hes talking about how to organize the wiki
Ccat61100, 2011-10-02T14:19:58Z
Maybe merge the Hitman and Hitman Targets pages, then do 1 page per list of targets, so people can complete them list by list easier., 2011-09-25T01:59:54Z
One page would be fine, 2011-10-06T03:12:32Z

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